A video doorbell is an essential security device, but Amazon’s Ring is not the only option out there. There are plenty of Ring doorbell alternatives with better features or lower price points.

Besides the functionality and the cost, another reason to pick a different option is to ensure compatibility with other smart home devices. If you don’t want to be locked into the Amazon ecosystem, here are the five best video doorbells.

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    1. Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell

    The fiercest competitor to Amazon’s Ring is Google’s Nest Hello doorbell. Though slightly more expensive than the standard Ring models, the Nest Hello justifies its cost with better audio quality and responsive design.

    Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell image
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    With a camera resolution of 1600×1200, it practically matches the 1080p HD capture resolution of Ring, recording everything in a 160-degree field of view. You can set up Activity Zones to focus on particular areas, receiving motion alerts for any activity in those zones.

    Then there is the Familiar face detection system to recognize frequent visitors and build up a library of friends and family, alerting you when a new person shows up. This extends to detecting packages and notifying you of deliveries even when you are away.

    Price: $142.00

    2. Eufy Dual Camera Doorbell 2K

    Eufy is the most powerful cost-effective video doorbell you can buy, as it lets you use features like package detection and facial recognition without having to pay a dime. You can even store weeks’ worth of footage on local storage without paying a subscription fee.

    Eufy Dual Camera Doorbell 2K image

    Not that it lacks features. Boasting 2K resolution videos with High Dynamic Range (HDR), the Eufy video doorbell will give you excellent video quality. Then there is the second low-angle camera to capture that pesky bottom part of the front door.

    The Eufy security doorbell also includes a wireless door chime, saving you the effort of connecting it with your existing system. There is even a battery-powered version for those looking to avoid doorbell wiring altogether, though it is priced slightly higher.

    Price: $199.00

    3. Arlo Essential Video Doorbell

    Arlo may not have tech giants like Amazon or Google backing it, but it offers some incredible features not present in any of its competitors. Add to that its low price tag and you have a winner.

    Arlo Essential Video Doorbell image

    The biggest difference is the viewing angle. Arlo uses a 180-degree field of view, capturing the entire head-to-toe image in a 1:1 aspect ratio. This means any packages lying on the ground will no longer be invisible to you.

    The two-way audio combined with its smart notifications system reduces noise and transmits only relevant alerts, keeping you on top of things happening at your doorstep. The only problem with Arlo is the expensive monthly subscription, requiring $15 a month to unlock its full gamut of features.

    Price: $127.22

    4. SimpliSafe Doorbell

    One of the most comprehensive smart video doorbells out there, SimpliSafe includes a heat sensor along with motion detection, helping it accurately detect people and cut down on false alarms.

    SimpliSafe Doorbell image

    A major selling point of the SimpliSafe Doorbell is the easy installation, allowing anyone with a screwdriver to set things up. It even works with mechanical chimes, making it the ideal video doorbell for old houses.

    Its wide viewing angle and HDR camera enable it to capture some really clear videos, which can be stored on cloud video storage for just $5 per month. The SimpliSafe Doorbell integrates smoothly with the company’s home security system, making this doorbell camera a perfect choice if you want a complete security solution.

    Price: $169.99

    5. Lorex Video Doorbell

    By far the cheapest option on our list, the Lorex is an excellent option for those who want complete control over their data and prefer a no-frills wifi video doorbell that gets the job done.

    Lorex Video Doorbell image

    It doesn’t have any AI-based person detection technology or cloud storage options, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Any videos recorded by the doorbell are stored locally on a 16GB microSD card, safeguarding your privacy.

    It doesn’t skimp on essential features either, possessing two-way talk and night vision even at this affordable price tag. You can even use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control the Lorex video doorbell through voice commands.

    Price: $49.99

    What is the Best Ring Video Doorbell Alternative?

    If you want to stick to a big name with a whole smart home ecosystem, then Google’s Nest doorbell is your best bet. This gives you equivalent or better features with Google’s patented face detection technology.

    For people distrustful of cloud storage – or just seeking to save on subscription costs – the Eufy or Lorex video doorbells are perfect. Eufy is the more feature-rich version with an optional subscription, while Lorex is a straightforward video doorbell that gets the job done.

    The Arlo or the SimpliSafe doorbell may not save you money, but they offer better security features than the Ring. They have a wider field of view, easily capturing packages on the ground, and the SimpliSafe doorbell even comes with a heat sensor to improve detection.

    Any of these options are great alternatives to the Amazon Ring, and can successfully safeguard your doorway without being a drain on the pocket.