In need of some extra cash? If you’re curious about some different money-making options, you may have thought about the popular food delivery app, DoorDash

This app hires people within supported locations to deliver food through the app, but how does someone start working for them? How do they make money? And how much can you make with DoorDash? 

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    There’s also the question of if it’s worth it to work for them. There are other food delivery apps, like UberEats or Postmates, so what makes DoorDash different? Or, what makes it different from getting a typical delivery driver or food service job?

    There are many pros and cons to working with DoorDash. If you’re thinking of signing up to work for them, there are many things you should know beforehand so you can decide whether it’s something you really want to do. 

    How Do I Sign Up For DoorDash?

    Your first step to working with DoorDash will be to open up their website and find the Become a Dasher section. Here, you’ll put in your Zip code and the site will walk you through signing up to work for them. 

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    There are some requirements to working for DoorDash that you’ll need to meet in order to move forward:

    • You must be 18 years old.
    • You must have a background check (requiring you to give your social security number)
    • You must have a driver’s license.
    • You must have auto insurance.
    • You must have an Android or Apple smartphone. 

    You’ll also have to give them your bank information so your earnings can be deposited. 

    Once this all goes through, you’ll be sent some things you’ll need in order to start working. This is a Red Card, which allows you to pay for food when DoorDash can’t handle the payment to the restaurant itself, and a hot bag, to keep the food you’re delivering warm. 

    Besides these things, you’re also of course going to need a phone data plan, and a car. After you’ve received what you need from DoorDash, you’ll have to go back on their site and activate the Red Card that was sent to you. You’ll also need to download the Dasher app, which they’ll give you instructions on how to download. 

    How Does Delivering Through DoorDash Work?

    When you’ve got the app set up, the first screen you’ll always come to is the map. This map tells you some things about the area you’re in which will help you choose when you want to make deliveries. The nice thing about DoorDash is that you’re able to choose the times you want to work. 

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    The best times to do so are when the area you’re dashing in is labeled as Busy. This is when you’ll get the most jobs and make the most money with DoorDash. When you decide you want to start, all you have to do is tap Start Dashing.

    If the area you’re in is shaded gray, you’ll likely have to schedule to work later, which you can easily do by tapping Schedule on the map. You can also schedule dashing times by going to the designated Schedule section on the bottom navigation bar. 

    After you’ve started dashing, you’ll have a checklist to make sure you have everything you need, and then you’ll officially be working. While dashing, you will be offered delivery jobs that you can either take, or pass up until another one shows up. You’ll be shown your estimated earnings for each job as they appear. Keep in mind, passing up a job affects your completion rate and may affect whether or not you get any bonuses going on during a specific time. 

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    When you accept a job, DoorDash will give you the directions to the restaurant and the order information. They’ll also give you a set time you’ll need to get to the location by. After arriving, you’ll have to confirm you’re there on the app. You can then go into the restaurant and ask for the order. Always take in the hot bag, as some restaurants won’t give you your order if you don’t have it with you. 

    You will then confirm with the app once you get the food, and it will tell you the location to drop it off at. Again, there’s a target time for you to deliver it by. Once you’ve delivered the food, you’ll complete the order and receive your earnings for that job. 

    How Much Can You Make With DoorDash? 

    There are many factors that go into the amount you earn for each job. DoorDash has a model for how much it pays you per order.

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    The base pay is the amount you’re guaranteed to get. This is decided by how far away the order is from you, how long it will take, and how likely it is for other drivers to take the job. The base pay, according to DoorDash, can range from $2 to over $10. 

    Then there are the additions of bonuses, such as peak pay. This happens when you’re dashing during a particularly busy time, and DoorDash will add extra money to your final payment on a per-delivery basis. To get this, you usually have to accept a certain amount of jobs.

    Finally, there are tips. A customer can add a tip through the app and you will receive it once you complete the order. A customer may also possibly give you a cash tip. 

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    The amount you can make per hour, during a busy time, is usually somewhere between $10 to $30. It definitely varies hour by hour, though, depending on the jobs available to you. 

    A more traditional delivery driving job will likely pay you roughly the same amount or less. Another appeal to DoorDash is that you can work whenever you want.  You do, however, have to pay for your own gas. Depending on the mileage you get for your car, the pay DoorDash gives you can still definitely be worthwhile. 

    All in all, DoorDash is definitely a viable option for getting some extra cash, even more so than your standard delivery driver job. 

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