If you’re looking to get yourself a Nintendo Switch, you might be wondering if you’ll also be able to double the popular gaming system as an entertainment center. Most video game consoles these days have a wide variety of streaming services available on their platforms, so how much different would the Nintendo Switch be?

Well, the truth is that the Switch is very limited when it comes to streaming. You won’t want to plan on using this console as your sole streaming setup. However, we’ll tell you what can be used on the Switch to watch shows and movies, as well as if there are any plans for Nintendo to add more streaming services for the Nintendo Switch in the future. 

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    The main streaming service available on the Switch is Hulu. You can use this app on the gaming console to watch tons of shows and movies, and if you’ve always been more of a Hulu fan over Netflix then you’re in luck. 

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    The Hulu app on the Switch is the same as on other consoles or devices, with all the shows and movies available. A plus about watching Hulu on the Switch is that with the handheld nature of the console you can always undock it and bring it with you to watch Hulu on the go. You can download Hulu for free on the Nintendo Switch eShop through the home screen, although you’ll need a subscription to use it.


    Another big streaming app, YouTube, is available for free on the Switch. Here you can watch any videos on YouTube, and keep up with your favorite channels and creators. The YouTube app is very easy to use on the Switch, and honestly tends to be my preferred way to watch the streaming service. 

    Just like Hulu, you can download YouTube for free on the Nintendo eShop. 


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    Twitch is a widely used streaming service among gamers who enjoy watching creators play games or just chat over livestream. Nintendo has added this app to its eShop, so anybody can download it for free. Once downloaded, you can sign into your Twitch account and keep up on your favorite livestreams. 


    Anime fans will be glad to hear that Funimation hosts its own streaming service that can be used on the Switch. The great part about this app is that you can watch many shows and movies available for free, with ads. However, you can also subscribe to the service to watch all available content, remove ads, and a host of other features. 

    You can download the streaming service on the eShop for free and start watching your favorite anime shows. 

    Pokemon TV

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    Nintendo created Pokemon TV as a way to host Pokemon TV show series, movies, and special limited series. If you’re into the Pokemon franchise, you’ll definitely want to download this app from Nintendo’s eShop for free. You can watch the content available on Pokemon TV for free as well. 

    Where is Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney Plus on the Switch? 

    You’ve probably noticed the lack of streaming services you can use on the Switch. Even one of the largest services, Netflix, isn’t available on the console. Why is this the case?

    When the Switch was first released in 2017, there were no streaming services available on the device at all. Since that time, they have gradually added more to the system. However, many of the major players in streaming still can’t be downloaded. 

    Where is Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney Plus on the Switch?  image

    Nintendo has previously stated that they wanted to focus on the gaming aspect of the Nintendo Switch, allowing it to be one of the world-class video game consoles the company is famous for. So, you’re going to find many, many more Nintendo Switch games on the eShop than streaming services. 

    If you’re really holding out for an all-in-one Nintendo console, though, don’t lose hope. The company has also said in the past that they’ve been working on adding more streaming services, such as an Amazon Prime Video or Netflix app. Since they, although admittedly slowly, have added streaming apps like Hulu, it’s possible they may continue to add more as time goes on. 

    Stream Your Favorite Shows and Movies on the Switch

    It’s noble of Nintendo to try and space their console away from the all-in-one entertainment system that other gaming consoles, such as Xbox or Playstation, have become. However, these days most people prize convenience in their devices, so it was just a matter of time before Nintendo made the move to add streaming services to the Switch. 

    Although not many services are available, you can definitely still find a lot of shows, movies, videos, and live streams to watch while using the Nintendo Switch

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