Nintendo Switch is a great console all on its own, but if you want to make your Switch gameplay experience even better, there are tons of accessories out there to really upgrade how you play.

From gadgets that can help increase the console’s portability, to controllers that will make it easier to play your favorite games, there’s tons of Nintendo Switch accessories out there.

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    Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

    The Switch has become quite popular since its release. Many third parties, as well as Nintendo itself, have produced accessories for the Switch. If you know you want to get some of these but aren’t sure what to spend your money on, this article will list some of the best ones you can buy so you can make an informed decision.

    1. PowerA Nintendo Switch Controller

    If you’ve been playing solely with the Switch’s Joy cons, you may have realized they are unique. They can also be inefficient for certain games, as well as relying on the battery supply when in TV mode.

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    There’s a better way to play games on your Switch, and that’s with a Pro controller. These are similar to other controllers and somewhat modeled after Gamecube controllers. They are much more comfortable than the Joy cons and are great for games that require a lot of precise movement.

    There’s also tons of different styles available, so you can have your favorite characters or game franchise on your controllers.

    2. PowerA and FastSnail Charging Docks

    Charging Joy cons and controllers all at once can get to be a handful, especially if you have more controllers than you can plug into just your Switch. For this reason, there are charging docks available that can act as a separate charger from your Switch console.

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    PowerA has a great dock that you can plug your Joy cons or a Pro controller into if you want to charge these devices while still being able to use others with the Switch. The company FastSnail also makes a charging dock that allows you to charge even more devices, up to two Pro controllers as well as four Joy cons at the same time.

    3. Sandisk MicroSD Card

    The Switch does not have very much storage space for games, especially if you like to download your games. This is why the Switch also has a slot for a microSD card, so you can increase your space and download many more games.

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    The SanDisk 128GB MicroSDXC licensed by Nintendo is a great addition to any Switch console. It works extremely well with the console and gives you plenty of space to download whatever games you wish. There are other microSD cards by SanDisk that provide even more space for your games if you want that, such as a 400GB card.

    4. PowerA Protection Case

    If you like to take your Switch on the go, having protection for the console can be extremely important. The Switch is a great handheld console, and a good protective case is a great Nintendo Switch accessory that can give you some ease of mind when bringing the system out and about. It can also help you carry your Switch games and accessories wherever you go.

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    The PowerA protective cases are great quality and licensed with Nintendo. You can also choose cases that showcase your favorite characters or franchises, with many different style options available. If you feel like you need even more space than just a small case for the console, there are also messenger bags available to store even more stuff if you need to.

    5. Controller Gear Nintendo Switch Skins

    If you’re getting tired of your plain Switch design, putting a skin on it can give it some more personality. There are tons of Switch skins available, in many different styles and color schemes, as well as for different franchises. You’ll definitely be able to find something you like that suits your style.

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    You will want to be careful with what kind of Switch skin you buy, as there are some brands who put out skins which were reported to damage the material of the Switch console itself. This had to do with the type of adhesive used for the product. Controller Gear skins are great ones to use for your Switch, as they are 100% safe for the console and are available in an array of different styles.

    6. amFilm Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors

    Like any other device with a screen, you’re going to want a protector for it. Especially since you may use the Switch as a handheld device, it can become very prone to accidents. For this reason, a screen protector is a good precaution. You’ll just want to be sure you get a quality screen protector that will do its job.

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    AmFilm has a very affordable Nintendo Switch screen protector that is cut to fit exactly on the console’s screen. It is also very clear and thin, and made of glass, so it won’t cause any obstructions during your gameplay. If you’re looking for a good screen protector, this is a great one to purchase.

    The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

    Getting some accessories for your Nintendo Switch can drastically improve your gameplay experience, as well as keeping your console safe and intact. With the accessories listed above you will be getting quality products that will benefit your Nintendo Switch for years to come.

    If you have any other Switch accessories you swear by, let us know in the comments below!

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