If there’s one great way to kill time on your computer, it’s with a game. Whether you’re taking a coffee break or just need a minute of relaxation, you can check out a nice collection of popular Google Doodle games.

The good thing about these games is that they don’t require any sign-ups, installations, or special browser add-ons. Now, if you’re ready to break away from your spreadsheet or report, check out these fun Google Doodle games (listed in no particular order).

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    1. Doctor Who

    Celebrating Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary is a game that has you manipulate your environment to win.

    Start by picking your character and then strategize how to move your character to the goal. Select a spot on the path where you want to move. You may need to turn on levers to create additional paths to the goal and avoid the evil characters out to get you.

    Doctor Who image

    Move through each lettered level to spell “Google” in the shortest amount of time you can.

    2. Champion Island Games

    Visit an island filled with sport mini-games like table tennis, skateboarding, and rock climbing in Champion Island Games.

    Champion Island Games image

    Use your arrow keys to explore the island and interact with objects and characters using your Space key. You use the same keys on your keyboard for controls in games. Join a team, meet interesting opponents, and purr-fect your skills in the sports games as a cat who just wants to have fun.

    Your ultimate goal is to win the mini-games, defeat the champion, and collect the sacred scrolls.

    3. Halloween 2020

    Magic Cat Doodle Academy created a Halloween game in 2016, and this one is a fiendishly fun follow-up.

    Halloween 2020 image

    Once again, you’re a cat being attacked by ghosts. Use your mouse or touchpad to draw the symbols shown above the ghosts’ heads to defeat them. You score for each successful takedown of a ghoul for a happy meow-loween.

    Be careful. This cat only has five lives, not nine! If you enjoy spooky games like this, check out our list of the best Halloween games.

    4. Quick, Draw

    Polish up your sketching skills for an awesome game of Quick, Draw.

    Quick, Draw image

    You’ll be asked to draw six pictures, one at a time, each within 20 seconds. The “neural network” will try to guess what you’re drawing as you draw each one. You’ll be challenged to draw everything from a snake to a bulldozer, so do your best but be quick!

    Once you finish, you’ll see your drawings and those that were guessed correctly. You can then share your masterpieces on Twitter or Facebook for some social love.

    5. Baseball

    You don’t have to be a sports fan to love this Baseball challenge, another popular Google Doodle game.

    Baseball image

    Step up to the home plate, wait for the pitch, and try to hit a home run. The opposing team consists of peanuts, the batters are everything from lemonade to ice cream cones, and the spectators are popcorn boxes. All of this makes for a pleasant day at the ballpark.

    See how many runs you can score before “You’re out!”. Tip: Watch out for that curveball!

    6. Pangolin Love

    Pangolin Love is a cute platformer in celebration of Valentine’s Day 2017.

    Pangolin Love image

    Use your arrow keys to roll your pangolin and your Space key to jump over obstacles. Collect musical notes for a love song and blossoms for a bouquet as you make your way through this adorable adventure in search of the meaning of love.

    Travel through each location like China and the Philippines but be sure to enjoy the journey.

    7. Pony Express

    2015 marked the 155th anniversary of the Pony Express, and to celebrate, you’ll saddle up and collect the mail.

    Pony Express image

    Pony Express is a side-scrolling adventure, so use your up and down arrow keys to gather the envelopes. Just beware, as there are many obstacles along the way including boulders, rivers, and trees in your path.

    See how much mail you can collect in Pony Express.

    8. Basketball

    Find out how many free throws you can make in 24 seconds in this Google Doodle Basketball game.

    Basketball image

    You’ll use your Space key to make each shot. It takes a bit of practice to hold and release the key perfectly. But once you do, you’ll sink each shot and score big.

    9. Garden Gnomes

    Who doesn’t love a good gnome toss? In this Garden Gnomes game, you’ll fling your gnome as far as you can.

    Garden Gnomes image

    Pick one of the colorful gnomes to get started. Press the Space key to launch and then press it again to release the gnome. Watch as your gnome flies through the air, hope for bounces that take your gnome further, and see the numbers add up the farther it flies.

    How far can you toss a gnome? There’s only one way to find out!

    10. Coding for Carrots

    You’re a rabbit in search of those juicy orange treats in Coding for Carrots.

    Coding for Carrots image

    Your goal is to get the rabbit to each carrot by placing the directional markers in the tray. The key is to arrange the markers in the correct order. You’ll use arrows, turns, and loops, all of which are steps in a larger process, just like coding! Press Play to make your rabbit hop and make your way through each fun level.

    Coding for Carrots was created during Computer Science Education Week. The game celebrates 50 years since programming languages for children were introduced.

    11. Ludwig van Beethoven Puzzle

    Celebrate the brilliant works of Ludwig van Beethoven with a puzzling music challenge.

    Ludwig van Beethoven Puzzle image

    Drag each piece of the broken sheet music to its correct spot. When all pieces are in place, the music will begin. You’ll see a green checkmark for those placed correctly and a red X for those that are not. You can also listen to the individual pieces before you place them.

    Switch the pieces until you solve each puzzle and enjoy a few of your favorite Beethoven classics simultaneously.

    12. Cricket

    For another popular Google Doodle game, it’s crickets versus snails in an entertaining game of Cricket.

    Cricket image

    Grab your paddle and step onto the cricket pitch. Hit a long shot and you’ll score big. Hit a short shot and run between the wickets as many times as you can before the ball is caught. See how high you can score before you miss a shot.

    This cool Google Doodle game was created to celebrate the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy.

    13. Pac-Man

    Eat the dots before the ghosts catch you in the classic game of Pac-Man.

    Pac-Man image

    Just like you remember, this Google Doodle Pac-Man game has you maneuver the maze eating up dots. Use your arrow keys to move about and avoid the ghosts. You’ll also see those power pellets and some fruit mixed in, just like the funky arcade game from the 80s. 

    The game was created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man. If you’re interested in something similar, take a look at websites that offer retro games you can play for free.

    14. Swing Dancing at the Savoy Ballroom

    Go back in time to the Swing Era at the Savoy Ballroom in New York City’s Harlem.

    Swing Dancing at the Savoy Ballroom image

    Keep time with the music by pressing the key shown at the right time. Watch the direction of the musical note and be ready to press the key when the note hits it. You continue to score as you keep time with the big band music.

    Try not to get distracted with the dancers; keep your eye on the note!

    15. Loteria

    Celebrate Loteria, the traditional Mexican card game.

    Loteria image

    This multiplayer game pits you against four others until a winner arises. As each picture card is displayed, scour your cards for the same one. If you have the card, place a bean on it. Your goal is to create the pattern shown, whether it’s a full row or all four corners. The game ends when someone matches the pattern.

    If you’re not familiar with Loteria, it’s very similar to Bingo and a game of total chance.

    Over to you! Which of these popular Google Doodle games will you try first? For more games, you can play right in your browser, look at our list of the best FPS games.

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