Finding free online educational games for kids to play can sometimes be a challenge.

As a parent or guardian, you want your kids to play games with fun and/or educational content so that they’re not exposed to unwholesome entertainment. You also want your child to learn something new or brush up on what they already know.

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    If you bought your child a smartphone or laptop, try these free online educational games for kids to keep them entertained and informed.

    Sheppard Software

    Sheppard Software is an educational website with hundreds of free educational games. The games and content on the site are created to add sound and visual effects so that learning is fun, interactive, and more memorable for children.

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    The games have many difficulty levels that challenge kids of any age no matter how far they progress, and exercise their brains in many subjects. These subjects include Math, Geography, Science, Language Arts, Animals, Health, and Creative activities among others.

    Sheppard Software games are colorful, simple, and not cluttered like other online educational games. The instructions for each game are easy to understand and cover basic learning that other games may neglect.

    National Geographic Kids

    National Geographic Kids is another educational website that features videos and free online educational games for kids among other activities. These games are centered mostly on the natural world and animals, but kids can also tour different countries virtually, learn some fun facts, and contribute by answering quizzes, posting comments, or submitting photos.

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    The free game hub is packed with quality and interactive games such as The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom, or Zeus The Mighty among many others. 

    Kids get clear instructions and multiple difficulty levels, which reinforce logic, memory, and many other skills. Parents can use the National Geographic Kids games to teach kids about science, animals, other countries, and related topics to keep them entertained.


    Funbrain is a free educational games site for kids in grades Pre-K to Grade 8 to enjoy games, books, comics, and videos in a fun and safe online environment. Kids can develop skills in reading, literacy, math, and problem-solving by playing educational games online for free whether they’re at home or at school.

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    Plus, when the kids want a break from games, they can read various popular digital books on the Funbrain site. Some of the titles the kids will find there include Amelia Writes Again, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Brewster Rockit among many others.

    Mr. Nussbaum

    Mr. Nussbaum is an educational website that offers a wide variety of learning games categorized by grade level and content type. The idea behind the site is to enhance teaching of crucial concepts, ideas, themes and fact sets through interactivity over the web.

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    The site also gives teachers a reliable internet platform they can use in the class or computer lab to cover various topics they’re teaching in class. The interactive games are designed to make learning and information gathering enjoyable for kids in grades K-8 to enhance skill-building and achievement.

    Mr. Nussbaum’s games give kids unusual roles like a superhero saving the world from alien decimals, arm-wrestling pretzels, and more. This role-play ensures kids are more immersed in the educational games while learning elementary concepts in all subjects.


    Poptropica was created by the author of popular kids comic, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The site offers a free to play experience for kids to explore and play engaging games, stories, and robust quests in safety.

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    The adventure game allows kids to create characters to travel the islands of the game, and use gaming literacy to enjoy factual and historical narratives. Kids can hone their problem-solving skills as they discover unique mysteries and solve them based on the islands they find.

    Poptropica is KidSafe certified so you can trust that your kids are in a safe online environment that meets stringent global childrens’ privacy laws.


    ABCYa! is a game site created by two public school teachers. The idea was birthed from the need to deliver quality resources that can help students succeed. Consequently, the two teachers created an approved educational computer games site for elementary students to learn language arts and math online.

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    The site offers more than 400 educational and fun games for grades Pre-K to Grade 6. These free online educational games for kids are categorized by subject and grade. The topics covered include typing, multiplication, pattern recognition, parts of speech and more.

    Besides games for kids at all learning styles and levels, you’ll also find games that are just fun for playing without necessarily teaching the kids.

    PBS Kids

    PBS KIDS is an educational resource site whose mission is to make a positive impact on children’s lives through curriculum-based entertainment. The site uses a 360-degree approach to empower kids for success in school and in life.

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    There’s a wide variety of fun, educational, and creative games available on the PBS KIDS website that help build knowledge, curiosity, critical thinking, and imagination. These games help preschool and school aged kids in their physical, social, cognitive, and emotional childhood development.

    Primary Games

    Primary Games is an online gaming company founded by Susan Beasley, a teacher who built online games to entertain her students in class while they were learning. The company has several other sites with several thousand game titles and counting.

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    You can find free unblocked games and kids can play on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The games will not only entertain them but keep them learning in a fun environment as they play math, reading, and other cool games and puzzles.

    All the games are free to play and reviewed to ensure they’re safe for all ages. Whether your kid loves racing, adventure, action, dress up, or puzzles, there’s something for them on the Primary Games site.

    Engage Kids’ Minds With Educational Games

    There’s so much to learn online these days. For kids, you’ll probably be spoilt with choices owing to the sheer amount of fun and interactive learning sites with free online educational games for kids. Your kids will not only be entertained and informed, but they’ll also be equipped with important skills to help them be successful in their academic future.

    Do you have any favorite free online educational games sites? Share in the comments below. If you want even more ways for your kids to learn at home, check out our guide on the best apps and tools to educate your kids. We also have guides on the best typing apps, math apps, music apps, and writing apps for kids among others you can use to help you kids learn and have fun while they’re at it.

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