How to Reopen a Closed Browser Tab in Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox

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It is annoying to accidentally close tabs and lose web pages you were browsing if you forgot to bookmark them.  Thankfully, most, if not all browsers have features that allow […]

The Best Caller ID Apps for Android and iOS

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These days people don’t like to pick up calls from unknown numbers. You could do an online search to identify the caller. However, this is time-consuming and in most cases, […]

The Best Dating Websites and Apps for Everyone in 2021

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More than ever before, single people are looking to dating websites and apps to find love or companionship. But online dating isn’t just about going online and finding the person […]

9 Quick Ways to Make an Image Transparent on Windows and Mac

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Transparent images have several creative uses. You can create a collage by layering one image on top of another. You can use a lighter or a transparent image to highlight […]

How to Cancel a Payment on PayPal

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PayPal is one of the most widely accepted digital payment methods across the globe because of its ease of use and effectiveness.  You can send or receive payments for goods […]

6 Best Airbnb Alternatives to Find Your Next Vacation Rental

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Airbnb may be the undisputed king of vacation rentals, but it’s certainly not the only one. Not only was Airbnb the first service to make renting and listing short-term vacation […]

The Best Apps to Make Video Calls Between Android and iPhone

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You can use free calling apps to make calls and send texts, but they don’t compare to seeing your loved ones’ faces virtually. While most iPhone users can quickly hop […]

The 6 Best Online Paraphrasing Tools to Rewrite Text

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Whether you’re writing articles, emails or social media posts, you may need help with rewording your content or expressing yourself differently. You could do this manually to ensure better quality, […]

The Best Parental Control Software for Windows 10

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These days, children as young as three can access and use mobile devices to play games, watch their favorite YouTube kids’ channels, learn math, music or a new language. One […]

Best Free Ways to Share Photos With Anyone

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Thanks to smartphones and other mobile devices with camera apps, you can take photos each time you meet or reconnect with family and friends after a long time. While you […]