Do you ever get the urge to laugh at your friends’ expense? Do you like to take advantage of your less tech-savvy family members? If you’re a born trickster with nerdy interests, you can use these websites to fool your friends and prank someone into believing all manner of crazy things.

We think these are the best prank websites to get a laugh out of those closest to you. Just don’t complain when you aren’t invited to parties anymore.

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    1. Hacker Typer

    We’ve all seen hackers in movies go at their keyboards while streams of gibberish code run down the screen as they race against the clock. It’s all very dramatic, but nothing like the somewhat tedious hacking process in the real world.

    Hacker Typer image

    That doesn’t mean your friends know that! The only “hacking” they’ve ever seen probably comes from TV and film, so why not fool them into believing you’re a “1337 H4x0r” with this awesome website. It’s a hacking simulator where you can just bash random keys like a movie hacker, and “code” appears on the screen that looks like the real deal. Even a few “access denied” popups show off some of that hacker edge.

    2. GeekTyper

    GeekTyper is pretty much the same thing as Hacker Type, but a little more sophisticated. It takes a little longer to set up but offers several different themes and even simulated desktops with fake windows.

    GeekTyper image

    Hacker Type is excellent when you want to set up the prank in seconds, but GeekTyper is a little more fun if you have the time to ready it before your victim arrives. Let’s say you’re going to a lecture; you can set up GeekTyper with the look you want and then open your laptop in class and start “hacking” in front of all the people sitting behind you.

    3. WhatsApp Fake Chat

    This website lets you create fake WhatsApp chats to fool your friends in many ways. The site is truly comprehensive, letting you adjust every aspect of the “screen capture” to match the exact details of the person whose account you’re trying to replicate.

    WhatsApp Fake Chat image

    This can be a very dangerous tool in the wrong hands, so make sure you use it responsibly and don’t actually cause actual harm. If you don’t want to use a website but prefer an app, WhatsFake for Android is an alternative. You can try Prank as an iOS equivalent if you have an iPhone.

    4. Prank Me Not Fake Facebook Status Generator

    Prank Me Not Fake Facebook Status Generator image

    Just like the fake Whatsapp message generators mentioned above, this tool lets you construct a Facebook post that looks like a real one. So you can fake someone saying something that never actually happened. This is another prank you can do real damage with, so use it responsibly!

    5. Peter Answers is Still Creepy

    This classic amazing prank has a simple trick behind it, but it’s still capable of freaking out anyone who doesn’t know the scam. “Peter” is a mind-reader and fortune teller, but you, as the prankster, feed him all the information he needs to give scarily accurate answers.

    You need to be the one in control of the keyboard for the prank to work. If your friend tries to use it, they’ll just get cryptic answers about not having enough desire or willpower.

    To get an answer from Peter, you must petition him with the phrase “Peter please answer the following question.” This is where you feed the answer he’ll give.

    Peter Answers is Still Creepy image

    First, ask your target what question they want to ask. Then click on the petition field and put a period as the first character. This will activate the prank. Now type in the answer you want Peter to give and then fill in the rest of the field with periods until the whole petition question is filled out.

    No matter what you type after putting in a period, it will simply write the petition. The tricky part is completing the field with periods without your mark noticing you’re tapping the same key, so you’ll have to be a good actor.

    Then type in the question, ask for the answer, press Enter, and try not to laugh as your target’s jaw drops open!

    6. FartScrollJS

    Fart noises are funny in any situation. Well, maybe not at a funeral, but anywhere else, they’re always good for a laugh. FartScroll gives you website code snippets that you can paste into your own website, making it play fart sounds when someone scrolls the page.

    FartScrollJS image

    If you don’t have a website of your own to prank your friend with, you’ll also find browser plugins of FartScroll here, so you can install them on someone’s computer and give them the joy of farts no matter which site they visit. Sadly, it seems the Chrome Extension is gone, but there are alternatives.

    ANNoy Distractions is a Chrome extension that does add farting sounds to scrolling, along with a few other annoyances. 

    7. Update Faker

    Nobody likes to be interrupted by Apple macOS or Windows updates, but what they’ll really hate is a fake update! If your target leaves their computer unattended, open this website in their web browser, pick the right operating system to fake, and then make the web page full-screen to complete the illusion of an actual update screen.

    Update Faker image

    It will look like a system update has started when they come back. Obviously, they’ll wait because you’re not meant to interrupt a system update. The fun part is to see how much of their time you can waste before they give up and simply reboot the computer. Although, you probably want to be long gone before they figure it out. This one can destroy friendships!

    8. The Awesome Prank Extension

    The Awesome Prank Extension image

    This Chrome extension is the Swiss Army Knife of pranks and even comes with fart scrolling as part of the selection. There are 18 hilarious pranks in total and, once you’ve installed the extension, you can activate it and choose the prank you want to implement on the current page. Then walk away and wait for your target to suffer the specific indignity you’ve selected.

    9. Love Calculator Prank

    Love Calculator Prank image

    This prank is excellent if you want to find out who your friend (or crush) has romantic feelings for. You’ll get a link to send to a friend’s phone, pretending to be a site that calculates compatibility based on two people’s names. If they fall for it, they’ll put their crush’s name into the “calculator,” and that name will be sent straight to you. The site immediately tells your target that they’ve been pranked, so there’s no way to use it in secret.

    10. Shady URL

    This site is a bit like a regular URL shortener, and it really has a shortening function. Still, it takes your perfectly normal URLs and turns them into something no self-respecting geek would ever click on for fear of making their computer burst into flames.

    Shady URL image

    It’s a great way to make people think you’ve been hacked or that you’ve accidentally shared a link to something from your (very) private life.

    11. The Google Terminal

    The Google Terminal isn’t exactly a prank, at least not by design. Its creators made it as an official Google Easter Egg to show what the search engine might have looked like in the 80s.

    The Google Terminal image

    You can use it to prank people into thinking Google actually existed in the 80s, though! It’s even better since this is a somewhat interactive demo, but you can simply take screenshots as “evidence” that Google was around back then.

    12 & 13 Instructables & WikiHow

    You may not think of helpful sites such as Instructables or WikiHow as troll websites or cool prank websites, but they are filled with prank ideas and instructions.

    12 & 13 Instructables & WikiHow image

    They’re especially great if you want pranks that go beyond something that happens on a computer. If you want to go old-school with your pranks, you’ll find all the information you need there. From quick pranks to pull in the office on your co-workers to scary pranks that are perfect for the next time Halloween comes around.