If you want something to spice up your music listening experience, one way to do this is to use a music visualizer. Programs like these give you visual feedback on your screen according to whatever is coming in through the microphone. So when you play music, you can get graphics that move along with the beat and melodies of the song.

There are many music visualizers online, but if you want the convenience of using one on your phone no matter where you are, you can try a music visualizer app. Once you download one, you can start playing music. As your phone picks up on it, you’ll be able to see the visualizer moving with the music.

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    In this article we’ve rounded up some of the best music visualizers you can download for both iPhone and Android, so you can have more fun listening to your favorite music.

    1. STAELLA

    This app will listen to music either through your microphone, iTunes, or your files. The visuals in this app are stunning, crisp and clear, as well as very reactive to any music you have playing. There are lots to choose from, though you’ll have to pay $3.99 to use most packages of visuals. However, the app does offer one free graphic.

    STAELLA image

    There are also options to change how the graphics look, such as colors, brightness, and more. It’s a solid audio visualizer, especially if you can buy some of the graphics available, which are very high quality and beautiful to watch.

    STAELLA for iOS

    2. Vythm JR

    Vythm can listen to music through your mic, or you can add files, videos, or iTunes songs. If you want to really have the ability to customize the visual effects, this app is a great choice.

    You can change things like hue, scale, bloom, vignette, and more. You can also change the shape, size, and rotation of the graphics. Once you like what you’ve made, you also have the ability to save it as a preset in the app to easily pull up again.

    Vythm JR image

    There are two free visual presets available, and you can unlock other modes for a $1.99 fee each. Vythm is a great choice for a music visualizer, especially if you want more control over the graphical.

    Vythm for iOS

    Vythm for Android

    3. TRAPP

    This app also has a good amount of customization options from templates to create the exact kind of music visualization experience you want. Trapp is a good app to use if you want more minimal graphics that aren’t too distracting. With Trapp, you can save your customized visuals to pull up later. You can also connect music players like Spotify or iTunes to play music, or use your mic.

    TRAPP image

    With the basic free version, you can create one music visual and save it. If you want to use all the features the app has to offer, there are three premium plans you can choose from. Either $3.99 a month, $9.99 for three months, or $23.99 annually.

    TRAPP for iOS

    4. Phazr

    Phazr is an amazing music visualizer with a lot of free features, and it works seamlessly by connecting to either your Spotify or Apple Music account. You can choose any song or playlists from these to have Phazr visualize for you.

    There are lots of free, clean looking and unique graphics to choose from, and they match up very well to any music played. Phazr will also vibrate your phone along with the music so you can truly feel it as it plays.

    Phazr image

    Phazr is an app for those who want a beautiful selection of graphics but don’t want to do much customization. It’s a great app for a more interactive music experience.

    Phazr for iOS

    5. Beatsy

    This app is different from the other music visualizers on this list as it utilizes AR (or Augmented Reality) technology to create its animations. With this, you can see the graphics display and alter your environment around you to match the music you play.

    All you need to do is move your iPhone around your room so the camera can capture it, and the app will analyze where flat surfaces are to produce some visuals.

    Beatsy image

    Once finished, you can play your music and choose from multiple different visualizations. You can also customize them, and there are lots of customization options. Beatsy is a great choice if you want a one-of-a-kind free music visualizer.

    Beatsy for iOS

    6. iLightShow

    iLightShow is another music visualizer different from the others listed in that it can give you a real light show to play along with your music. This app is made to be used with Philips Hue lights, allowing you to connect the app to them to set up changing lights that will sync with whatever music you are playing.

    iLightShow image

    This app is ideal for parties or while hanging out with friends, or just when you want to add some more fun to your music listening experience. All you need to do is connect iLightShow to your Hue lights, then you can customize the lights as you wish and play music to get it started.

    iLightShow for iOS

    iLightShow for Android

    Have Fun With Music Using These Apps

    Listening to music is a great time in and of itself, but it can be infinitely more fun when you have a music visualizer to go along with it. With all the great apps above, there are plenty of options to do this and enjoy your favorite songs even more by yourself or when you’re with friends.

    Did you try any of the music visualizers we listed? Let us know in the comments.

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