If you’re an ebook buff, you probably have the best tablet for your digital books, but you still need a tool that’ll make it easier to manage ebooks.

Ebook reader software can help you download and catalog ebooks for a more comfortable reading experience. It’s not easy to find an effective ebook management tool because there aren’t many options available.

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    Here’s a list of the best ebook reader software for your mobile, laptop, or PC that will help you organize your ebook collections.


    Calibre is a free ebook management tool that provides a central place where you can sort and organize your ebook collection. You can use Calibre to convert ebooks into different file formats, pull information from Google and Amazon to your device, and synchronize to ebook reader devices.

    The software also has a basic ebook reader that allows you to choose your preferred pagination method, bookmark pages, or edit the books’ metadata. You can also manually edit the books’ formatting and contents.

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    However, Calibre doesn’t allow you to annotate, or add notes and highlights to your ebooks. The interface is also a bit crowded with all the drop-down menus, buttons, and search fields.

    If you’re an ebook lover and read books on more than one device, Calibre is worth considering. The software not only holds all the different versions of your books in one library, but it also keeps the files organized neatly in folders.

    Check out our guide on more tips and tricks to get the most out of the Calibre ebook reader.

    Alfa Ebooks Manager

    If you have a large ebook collection, Alfa Ebooks Manager is an ideal ebook reader software tool to use to organize and manage your books in one place. It’s easy to use, and you can use it to scan your computer for book files, add covers, custom fields, tags, parse metadata, and update data from the web.

    Alfa Ebooks Manager has a clean and polished interface with a customizable color scheme, and full drag-and-drop support. You can also import books via the CSV Import/Export tools or the Calibre Import tool.

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    The ebook reader software comes with sample books in its database, and displays renderings of the book covers on an attractive bookshelf. You can view the books using the Library Explorer mode and see details such as author, genre, language, publisher and more.

    The downside of using Alfa Ebook Management is that you can’t pull book details from Google or Amazon without a subscription.

    Delicious Library

    Delicious Library allows you to catalog all your ebooks, music, movies, software, tools, video games, and more onto your digital shelves.

    You can use your keyboard, a wireless barcode scanner, or the iSight webcam on a Mac computer to import all your stuff.

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    Delicious Library allows you to create an inventory of all your ebooks, and integrates your ratings, wishlist, and friends to generate smart recommendations based on your collector profile. Plus, the ebook reader software allows you to add friends, see their bookshelves and any recommended items on their lists so you can lend items to each other.

    With Delicious Library for Mac, your ebook collection is organized neatly in one place, and you can add additional information on each book from the web. The library also has a list view and statistics page that displays the items on the shelf and their prices.

    Library Thing

    If you have a decent-sized book collection, LibraryThing will help you organize and catalog it. LibraryThing takes the traditional library as we know it to another level.

    You can view your ebook collection in one place, and see who else is reading the same books. You can also use online resources to find the book you want in a different library or buy it.

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    LibraryThing allows you to meet people with similar tastes, share your library with others, and view their book collections to find out their tastes or what you might have in common.

    The ebook reader software is entirely free to use and is available in many languages. You can catalog books from the Library of Congress, Amazon, and more than 4,900 other libraries.

    LibraryThing also lets you catalog music and movies, discuss your book tastes with fellow bibliophiles, track and lend your books, and snag a new book from early-release books every month.

    Beyond your personal catalog, LibraryThing shows and aggregates ratings, tags, reviews, and facts about a book or its author. You can use LibraryThing on a mobile device for easy cataloging on the go, or on a laptop and PC.


    If you have a Kindle ebook reader, Kindlian is a cool add-on for your device. The ebook reader software copies all your books to your computer so you can organize, view, and manage your ebooks and collections.

    You can also pick a library layout, color scheme, and edit book information like the author, title, cover, description, and series.

    Kindlian scans your device, parses book metadata, and then organizes it into a beautiful library. You can use your mouse’s drag and drop to copy and move books between collections.

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    Kindlian’s built-in ebook reader lets you preview and read books for free. It can open books in PDF, MOBI, TXT, and AZW files that don’t have DRM protection. You can choose between different e-reading templates, change font sizes, and zoom pages.

    The ebook reader software also makes bookmarks and converts non-Kindle books to the Kindle MOBI formats like EPUB, HTML, and FB2.


    Readerware is unique and innovative ebook reader software that manages and catalogs all your ebooks, music, and videos. Once you feed in a list of barcode scans or ISBNs, Readerware will automatically download the relevant information from the web, and catalog your books for you.

    The software comes in three parts: Readerware Books, Readaware Music, and Readerware Video. If you want to catalog books, you can use the drag and drop feature, and Readerware will automatically add your book collection to the database, complete with cover art.

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    Readerware also includes multiple views, a want list, media links, biographies, support for multiple images, thumbnail and detail views, loans, and more. You can configure the display to present your collection the way you want.

    Readerware also allows you to search, browse, and even print your book collection. You can use the software with your mobile, laptop, or PC.

    Organize Your eBook Database

    If you’ve managed paper books before, you know the hassle of organizing and cataloging each one on a library shelf.

    With ebook reader software, you don’t need to struggle arranging your books by title, author, or genre. The software will download and organize your ebook collection. This not only saves you time, but also makes for a pleasant reading experience.

    Do you have a preferred ebook reader software for organizing your ebook collection and wishlist? Tell us about it in the comments.