How to Create a Greeting Card with MS Word

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Microsoft Word can do a lot more beyond the blandness of making reports and resumes. It has a capable set of graphic tools to help you make graphic enriched documents […]

8 Political Subreddits for Calm Political Debate

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Political debates can be a minefield. That’s why calm political debates are something we all aspire to but rarely get. The anonymity of Reddit and its subcommunities (subreddits) gives you […]

How to Make a Business Card in Google Drive

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Google Drive can be your free business card maker when you want it too. It won’t overwhelm you like other design tools do like Adobe InDesign or Illustrator, and the […]

Canva vs RelayThat: Which Graphic Designer Is The Best?

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There are two major barriers when it comes to logo design and branding tools. You are either graphically challenged or time challenged. If you hit either or both obstacles, you […]

What is G Suite & How to Get Started

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G Suite, formerly Google Apps, is a collection of cloud-based enterprise applications from Google. You only need an active internet connection and a browser to use these cloud apps. Traditional […]

How to Give a TED Talk

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Just getting on stage and delivering a memorable talk can do a lot for your soft skills. But if you manage to snag a chance to give a talk at […]

What Is the Google App & How to Use It

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The Google App can be confusing. You see it on your phone screen with just a big G that suggests “Google”. You may not even end up using it as […]

10 Educational Resources For Free PDF Teaching Materials and Aids

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Free PDF teaching materials are always in great demand. They were popular downloads even before our classrooms started changing. Look at the world right now and you won’t find it […]

How to Add Music to PowerPoint Presentations

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Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to add different types of multimedia content. Music is just one more content type you can add to catch attention. Before you start adding music to […]

How to Convert Multiple Images into PDF Files

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Images can stand alone on their own. But sometimes, you need to combine several images into a single PDF file and save it or share it. For instance, you can […]