Christopher Jan Benitez

Wiping a Hard Drive in 4 Easy Steps

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When it’s time to sell your computer, you’d want to wipe out the hard drive completely. After all, you don’t want to leave any personal or work-related files that other parties could exploit. In this post, we’ll show you how you can delete all the data in your PC permanently. Deleting vs Wiping Data Anyone […]

How to Reset BIOS to Default Settings

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There are times when users exhaust all their options and resort to resetting their BIOS in order to fix their computer. The BIOS can be corrupted because of an update gone bad or through malware. Learning how to reset the BIOS is important in the event that you’d need to troubleshoot your PC. What is […]

How to Recover a Deleted Folder on Android Devices

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Did you accidentally delete a whole folder of photos from your Android phone? Are you looking for a way to undo it all? Well, you’re in luck. Follow the steps below and you’ll have access to access your precious pictures in no time. Understanding Folders No folder is safe from deletion. You can accidentally erase […]