A pedometer is a little machine that tracks and tallies your steps and distance traveled each time your feet hit the pavement. Not only that, but using one can also help you get a sense of your physical activity throughout the day, and even lose weight.

Old-school pedometers, which are worn on the wrist, tend to be more accurate, but if you’d rather not buy one, you can install a pedometer app on your phone instead.

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    App-linked pedometers use accelerometer chips to detect motion as steps so that you can view your step total on your mobile device.

    Here’s a roundup of the best pedometer apps for Android and iPhone.

    1. Accupedo (Android, iOS)

    Accupedo is a simple pedometer app that offers just the basics plus GPS tracking. You can read and view your daily stats, which includes steps, mileage, and trends over days to years in the chart tab.

    Accupedo (Android, iOS) image

    The GPS map integration feature in this app allows you to see a map of your route, but it may also quickly decrease your phone’s battery life. You can also select the type of activity such as running, walking or cycling. Its customizable sensitivity setting allows you to adjust motion sensing as well.

    Accupedo lets you share your progress with friends on your social media pages, and offers a nice selection of color themes. However, the app doesn’t provide for other community activity, and displays nuisance ads.

    2. StepsApp Pedometer (Android, iOS)

    StepsApp pedometer features a sleek, dark themed interface with a main tab that displays your active calories burned, steps, time, and distance.

    StepsApp Pedometer (Android, iOS) image

    Once you set your step goals, you can track your progress all day using the large circular graphic on the app’s main screen. You can even go back months or years in the past and check out your long-term history to spot any interesting trends.

    Although the StepsApp pedometer has few features, its layout is visually appealing with customizable colors and animations. Plus, the app can track wheelchair pushes, and you can share your progress on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

    3. Pedometer & Step Counter (Android, iOS)

    The Pedometer & Step Counter by Leap uses a built-in sensor to count your steps. Unlike other pedometer apps on this list, this particular app lacks GPS tracking, so it barely consumes your phone’s battery power.

    The app also tracks your walking distance, tracks burned calories, and time. All the data you need is displayed in innovative report graphs, so you can track your monthly, weekly, and last 24 hours stats in graphs specially designed for mobile devices.

    Pedometer & Step Counter (Android, iOS) image

    Plus, you can pick out a colorful theme to enjoy your step counting experience, and if you’re an iPhone user, you can sync the data to Apple Health.

    Pedometer & Step Counter app doesn’t require you to sign in to use it, and doesn’t have any locked features or hidden charges. Just tap start, and the app will count your steps whether your phone is in your pocket, bag, armband, or in your hand.

    4. Google Fit (Android, iOS)

    Google Fit is one of the best step counter apps with more than 50 million downloads to boot. The app helps you see your workouts by displaying stats like speed, heart rate, route, pace, and more for your walks, runs, and bike rides.

    Google Fit (Android, iOS) image

    You can monitor your exercise goals and see your progress on your steps and heart points. Plus, you can adjust your goals as you challenge yourself to achieve better health.

    Google Fit also works with your favorite fitness devices and is compatible with other fitness apps including Headspace, Strava, Runkeeper, and MyFitnessPal. This way, you can track all your physical activity in one place, and manually add any other activities that other apps don’t track.

    5. Samsung Health (Android, iOS)

    Samsung Health (formerly S Health) is a hub for all things health. The app displays all the information you want in a single place and puts you in control of your health.

    Samsung Health (Android, iOS) image

    Each time you walk, cycle, run, or hike, Samsung Health tracks your activity and provides a dashboard for your stats so that you can see your progress. The app also tracks other health-related metrics such as heart rate, oxygen level, daily steps, and measures stress levels.

    You can personalize Samsung Health to your liking and track other things including sleep, water intake, weight, and caffeine. The app is free, doesn’t display annoying nuisance ads, and has a great fitness community.

    6. Pacer (Android, iOS)

    Pacer is a top step counter app that works entirely from your phone with no extra setup or hardware required. The app tracks your steps whether your phone is in your pocket, hand, armband, or jacket, and records flights, steps, distance, calories, and active time.

    Pacer (Android, iOS) image

    You can link the app to Apple Health and track your activity with your Apple Watch. Plus, with GPS tracking, you can track your routes on a map as you walk, hike, run, or bike.

    The app also tracks your BMI and weight over time, tracks blood pressure, and other metrics, all in a simple interface. The free version works as a pedometer, but you can upgrade to the premium plan and get more insights including how you stack up against other Pacer users.

    7. MapMyWalk (Android, iOS)

    MapMyWalk pedometer app tracks and maps every mile you go, and then gives you feedback and stats that help you improve your performance.

    The app uses GPS to track your walks and shows you the route you took on a map. It also gives you audio feedback on every tracked walk, and you can use the Routes feature to find nearby walking spots, save your favorite walking paths, and share with others.

    MapMyWalk (Android, iOS) image

    There are more than 600 sports activities you can choose from through the MapMyWalk app, and gain in-depth insights on each workout. Some of the stats you’ll see include distance, calorie burn, pace, time, and elevation.

    The app can connect with other apps like MyFitnessPal, and wearables like Fitbit, Garmin, and Jawbone.  

    Advance Your Fitness Goal

    Pedometer apps offer a convenient way to track your exercise sessions no matter where you are. Any of these 7 pedometer apps can count and track your steps, but they go further to track other important health metrics like heart rate, oxygen levels, or blood pressure.

    Don’t see your favorite pedometer app on the list? Tell us about it in the comments.