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We’re already 4 months into 2013 and there haven’t been many exciting gadgets released or mind-blwing software created to make us more efficient. Luckily, there are a few things towards the end of this year that are more exciting. I’m really waiting for this year to end just to enjoy using the hardware and software coming. So what am I talking about?

Here are my 5 favorite tech gadgets and software updates coming by the end of 2013 that will make me a happier person. If you’re looking forward to something else, feel free to let us know in the comments.

Table of Contents

    1. Netflix on HTML 5


    Netflix currently requires certain plugins in order to work properly on your desktop, most notable Silverlight. Silverlight is a technology from Microsoft that isn’t even under development anymore. It’s old and out-dated and it makes Netflix slower and buggier. It’s also problematic for mobile browsers because plugins just don’t work so well on a smartphone like they do on desktops.

    That’s why I am so excited to hear that Netflix will be ditching Silverlight for HTML 5, the latest and greatest web protocol for the Internet. It’ll be some time before Netflix officially supports HTML 5 because of digital rights management (DRM) issues. HTML 5 is still fairly new and currently doesn’t support the level of encryption needed by Netflix to ensure their files are not pirated. Once that happens, you can expect Netflix to show up literally everywhere that it already isn’t with the added benefit of being faster and less buggy.

    2. Windows Blue

    Windows blue

    Windows Blue is the next version of Windows 8 coming out later in 2013. It’s not really a new version of the OS like Windows 7 or Windows 8 were, but instead is a significant patch basically. It may officially be called Windows 8.1. For the most part, it looks exactly like Windows 8, but gives you a few more options for customizing the Start Screen, etc.

    The big deal with Windows Blue is that it MIGHT bring back the Start button to the desktop and it MIGHT allow users to boot directly to the desktop! Two huge features that are the main reason why so many people hate Windows 8. This is great because Windows 8 really does have some great new features and enhancements that make it better than Windows 7. However, the fact that they forced users to go to the Start Screen and completely removed the Start button is why the OS is not selling too well. Looks like someone got some sense knocked into them over at Microsoft.

    3. Google Glass

    Google glass

    If you didn’t hear, Google just released the full specs of the awesome Google Glass glasses: 5MP camera, 720p video recording, 16GB flash memory, full-day battery, and the best feature of all: bone conduction transducer. This last feature will conduct sound from Glass to the inner ear via bones in your skull. How cool is that? I know some people will hate Google Glass, but if you’re a techie, wearing one of these things will be like a dream.

    4. Xbox 720/PlayStation 4

    Playstation 4

    The latest consoles from Microsoft and Sony will be released this year and it’s about time. It’s been almost 7 years since the last Xbox came out, so I’m really looking forward to some serious out-of-this-world graphics for these new gaming consoles. With the Xbox, there is the Kinect too, which is just a brilliant piece of hardware. The next version of Kinect will supposedly have eye-tracking and be able to track even tiny movements like curling your finger, etc. I already use my Xbox pretty much everyday, so I can’t wait for the next one, which might be announced in May!

    5. Apple iPhone 5S, iPad 5, iPad Mini Retina

    Iphone 5

    I love Apple products and even though I’m very annoyed at Apple for coming with a new phone every 2 years, I am still excited about the 5S. I currently have the 4S and I skipped the 5 just to wait for the kinks to be worked out first. The iPhone 5S will apparently sport a 12MP camera and better low-light performance. I’m more excited about the iPad 5, which should hopefully have a thinner bezel like the iPad Mini while being a lot skinner. Then there’s the iPad Mini, which I would totally buy, but only if it gets a Retina display. The size and weight are super-convienent, but the resolution is the weakest link. That is apparently in the pipeline for end of 2013, so let’s hope.

    So that’s what is keeping me excited for the rest of the year! What about you? Are you looking forward to anything tech-related in 2013? Let us know in the comments. Enjoy!

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