Need power during your camping trip, but the standard power bank isn’t enough, and the Anker’s PowerHouse models are too heavy to bring with you? The Bluetti AC60 and B80 may be the perfect option for those looking for something in between.

The AC60 can be a great companion for your next road trip, as well as a source of power for your off-grid campervan lifestyle. It’s compact, splashproof, and also expandable from 400Wh to 1200Wh. And you can turn it into a solar generator by adding one or two foldable solar panels.

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    Follow our review of the Bluetti AC60 with the expansion battery and a solar panel to see if this is the right choice for your off-grid setup.

    The Bluetti AC60 Portable Power Station: First Impressions & Specs

    Bluetti is known for its portable solar generators, and after testing several other portable power stations by brands like Anker and Ugreen, I finally got my hands on the AC60 model with the B80 expansion battery and a PV120 volar panel.

    The Bluetti AC60 Portable Power Station: First Impressions & Specs image

    A portable power station is now my daily companion and plays a crucial role in my routine. It assists me with cooking and water boiling when camping, keeps all my gadgets charged up, and even serves as a light source at night. However, some of the power stations I reviewed may prove to hold too much power for some needs and simply be too big for carrying around.

    The Bluetti AC60 Portable Power Station: First Impressions & Specs image 2

    This is where the AC60 and B80 enter, with only about 9 kg of weight each, so you can easily carry both of them around or up and down the stairs (which wouldn’t be possible with bigger models that weigh over 30kg).

    The AC60 also comes with an IP65 rating, which means it’s splash-proof and dust-proof, so you don’t have to worry about some water reaching your gadget, whether it’s from light rain or from damp grass. The thoughtfully protected and sealed ports ensure their resilience against the elements when not used.

    The Bluetti AC60 Portable Power Station: First Impressions & Specs image 3

    Moving on to the AC60 specifications, the power station has a battery capacity of 403Wh, providing a power output of 600W. However, what sets it apart is its Power Lifting technology, allowing a boost in power output to a remarkable 1,200W. This feature is invaluable when powering high-wattage appliances such as hair dryers, heaters, or BBQ grills.

    The Bluetti AC60 Portable Power Station: First Impressions & Specs image 4

    On paper, the Bluetti AC60 strikes an impressive balance between portability, versatility, and raw power. Whether you’re an avid adventurer thriving in the great outdoors or someone looking for a reliable backup power source for home use, this portable power station delivers on numerous fronts.

    But before we dive into our portable power station review, here’s the full list of specifications of the Bluetti AC60:

    • Dimensions: 11.3 x 8.5 x 9.7 in (29 x 20.5 x 23.4cm)
    • Weight: 20lbs (9kg)
    • Capacity: 403Wh (AC60); 1209Wh (when adding the B80 expansion battery); 2015Wh (when adding two B80s)
    • Output: 600W continuous / 1200W peak (1200W boost mode)
    • Lifecycles: >3000
    • Battery type: 402Wh LiFePO4 battery with a 600W pure sine wave inverter
    • Solar charging: up to 200W, 12-28V 8A
    • USB outputs: AC60 – 2 x AC, 2 USB-A 15W, USB-C PD 100W, 12V cigarette lighter. B80 – USB-A 15W, USB-C 100W, 12V DC outlet (cigarette lighter port)
    • Wireless charging pad: 1 x 15W max
    • Water resistance: IP65 splash proof
    • Other outputs: LED light panel
    • Warranty: 6-year warranty
    • Price: $599 for AC60 only or $1377 for a combo of AC60 & B80 expansion battery + PV120 solar panel on the Bluetti website and on Amazon.

    Design and Unpacking

    If you have previously used a power station before, the Bluetti AC60 will still manage to surprise you. The first thing that you’ll find unusual is how compact and light it is for the amount of power it’s packing. Measuring only 11.3 x 8.5 x 9.7 inches and weighing less than 9 kg, it will fit almost in any space, whether that’s in your house, car, or campervan. Both AC60 and B80 feature a handle that folds over neatly for convenient packing into the trunk of a car.

    What’s in the Box

    Design and Unpacking image

    Here’s everything you’ll find when unpacking your Bluetti AC60:

    • Bluetti AC60 portable power station
    • AC charging cable
    • Car charging cable
    • Solar charging cable
    • User manual and warranty card

    The AC60 and B80 feature the same signature design and a big Bluetti logo on the front.

    On the front side of the station, you’ll find the AC ports and a single power button neatly situated, while all the DC and USB options are grouped together. This includes a 12V car cigarette lighter, 100W USB-C, and two USB-A 15W ports.

    Design and Unpacking image 2

    While it might not offer an extensive range, considering the 403Wh battery power of the AC60, these options suffice for powering essential electronics on the go. Additionally, a convenient 15W wireless charging pad sits on top, alleviating the need for one of the USB ports.

    Design and Unpacking image 3

    Moving to the display, it’s simple and straightforward, presenting input and output on the left and right, respectively. The middle section indicates the remaining percentage, accompanied by a few other informative icons.

    Design and Unpacking image 4

    The Bluetti AC60 and B80 come with another surprise – an IP65 splash-proof rating. This means they’re weather-proof and shielded against light water jets and dust infiltration from any direction, a significant advantage, especially for outdoor use.

    During camping, I actually caught some light rain and decided to test the AC60 by leaving it exposed to the drizzle for about half an hour. The experiment was a success, and all I needed to do was wipe the excess water off of the rugged exterior of the station to continue using it.

    Another feature I appreciate is the massive LED panel area light on the back. In a portable battery designed for outdoor adventures like camping, this feature is indispensable. Make sure to activate the DC output before turning the light on.

    Design and Unpacking image 5

    The Bluetti B80 Expansion Battery

    Bluetti AC60 inherits an expandable capacity feature seen in its predecessors like AC300 and B300, but with a twist—it’s the first sub-1000Wh Bluetti battery to offer this. You can amplify power by connecting one or two B80 units, adding 806Wh each. One B80 takes the capacity to about 1200Wh, and with two, you’re looking at a whopping 2000Wh.

    The Bluetti B80 Expansion Battery image

    Remember that the B80 is a battery, not an AC inverter. It offers a degree of independence with a USB-C port, a USB-A port, and a 12V cigarette lighter port. You can charge it separately using AC or solar power.

    Size and weight-wise, B80 is similar to AC60, just about 3cm shorter and almost the same weight. Connecting them is easy, but it results in a cable sticking out, which could be an issue if you’re keeping the station in a tight storage space (and it doesn’t look pretty). Ensure you cover the ports and the cable with secure rubber caps for waterproofing when not in use.

    Once connected, the remaining percentage adjusts to reflect the expanded capacity. This expandable system has a dual advantage: cost-effectiveness and substantial power up to 2000Wh without compromising portability.

    If 600W output isn’t your main concern and you want more capacity, this is perfect for you. In my experience, handling two smaller boxes is easier than one large unit. Plus, you can leave the expansion battery behind if you don’t need it during a trip, adding to the adaptability of your power solution.

    The Bluetti PV120 Foldable Solar Panel

    With the AC60 and B80, the input power can come from the wall, from 12V, and from solar panels. Both batteries support self-sustained solar charging of up to 200W. Each can accommodate a 12-28V 8A solar panel, fitting well with their highly portable design. While this may not be ideal for larger, stationary solar panels, it’s perfect if you want to use foldable solar panels with them.

    The Bluetti PV120 Foldable Solar Panel image

    I tested the Bluetto PV120 portable solar panel with the 120W nominal input. For the AC60, I could charge it to full in about 4 hours, which is a little longer than I expected. And for the B80, it took about 5 hours to reach 50% with solar charging, at which point we ran out of sun.

    The Bluetti PV120 Foldable Solar Panel image 2

    While the foldable panel is portable and easy to bring with you, I’d recommend getting at least the PV200 model, which features 200W solar input, if you’re serious about using solar power to charge your AC60.

    Performance & Features

    We already touched upon what this power station is capable of. The inclusion of multiple output ports and a wireless charging pad makes it a great charging solution for a wide array of devices, from smartphones and laptops to heavier appliances.

    Performance & Features image

    While it may not be suitable for extremely power-hungry gadgets, like e-bikes, the AC60 charged my smaller e-scooter — the Unagi Model One — just fine. The AC60 also has a Power Lifting feature which boosts the AC output to allow more power-demanding appliances that draw 1200W to run smoothly. This includes kitchen appliances like kettles or small power tools with motors.

    Performance & Features image 2

    The Power Lifting mode differs from peak load — a momentary power surge when an appliance kicks on. This feature is about consistent performance at higher levels. It’s a smart voltage adjustment that ensures your devices operate at a slightly lower pace or heat but still does the job.

    The AC60 has three charging modes: turbo, standard, and silent. These let you choose how fast you want to charge it. Turbo mode zooms at 573 watts, standard cruises at 243 watts, and silent tiptoes at 149 watts. You decide how speedy you want it to be.

    This choice is vital when the charging circuit is shared with other gadgets. You can manage the AC60’s power hunger so it doesn’t trip the circuit and upset the other devices.

    I normally use the Standard mode, but the Silent mode is perfect for when you remember that your power station is flat right before going to bed and it needs to be ready the next morning. Even if you sleep in the same room that night, the sound of the AC60 charging in Silent mode won’t disturb you.

    Software and Connectivity

    For more refined control over your power station, you can connect your AC60 to the Bluetti app over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Before using it, you must create an account and add your device to the list.

    Software and Connectivity image

    The app allows you to download new firmware and updates, view detailed stats about your station, turn the station and its various ports on and off, as well as change the charging mode from Standard to Turbo to Silent. You can also turn on the Power Lifting option and LED Light right from the app.

    Battery Life

    Thanks to BLUETTI’s Turbo Charging tech, the AC60 power station can be fully charged in a mere hour through an AC charger. As you finish prepping for your outdoor journey, the AC60 stands ready and powered up.

    Besides rapid wall charging, the AC60 supports other charging options. Whether under the sun, on the road, or with your vehicle, this power station is always ready. Solar, car, and even lead-acid battery charging options ensure the AC60 is constantly charged and at your service.

    Battery Life image

    Charging from zero to full from the AC outlet takes just over an hour, while solar panel charging using the foldable 120W solar panel takes about four hours. Charging the AC60 from the car outlet may take 2.5 to 5 hours, depending on your setup.

    The AC60 comes with a 6-year warranty that offers peace of mind. Bluetti also promises around 3000 full charge cycles before the battery is degraded to 80% capacity, which is a pretty impressive lifespan for a portable battery.

    Should You Buy the Bluetti AC60 Power Station With an Expansion Battery?

    There’s a lot to love about this Bluetti power station: from the rugged design to portability to expandable battery power. With the ability to choose when to add the expansion battery, you can control your power setup. Use it when you need that extra boost, or keep it compact for lighter journeys.

    In a nutshell, if you’re seeking enhanced power but still value portability and adaptability, the AC60 with the B80 expansion battery could be your go-to power solution. It’s about having that extra power when you want it, where you want it.

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