Organize your vacation, trip, party, or event with an attractive, free template for Google Docs. These options give you the basics you need to plan your schedule by the day or even the hour and are customizable to fit your needs.

Using free itinerary templates, you can simply pop in your own details or adjust the dates, times, and activities to suit your travel plans, road trip, or upcoming event.

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    Vacation Itineraries

    Vacation planning can be exciting but also takes organization. From flights to accommodations to activities, you can schedule in time for everything with a vacation itinerary template.

    1. Alaska Travel Itinerary

    Planning a cold weather vacation like skiing or snowboarding? This Alaska Travel Itinerary template is a cute option with its colorful appearance and warmly dressed character. Include the destinations and activities for each day of your trip to a cold-weather state, country, or region.

    Vacation Itineraries image
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    2. Sunny Itinerary

    If you’re heading someplace warm on your vacation instead, this yellow and orange Sunny Itinerary template is just what you need. Enter your flight details for your departure and return, information for accommodations, and then activities for each day with times and locations.

    Vacation Itineraries image 2

    3. Vacation Itinerary

    Maybe you want an itinerary for planning activities down to the hour. This Vacation Itinerary template is a clean and simple way to go. Add the travel dates and locations at the top with each day, time, and activity beneath. You can also use the handy checkboxes to mark off events as you go.

    Vacation Itineraries image 3

    Travel and Business Trip Itineraries

    When you’re traveling for business or something other than a fun-filled vacation, making sure you have an itinerary in hand ensures you have all the details you need for a smooth trip.

    4. Business Itinerary

    For an inclusive and intuitive planner, this two-page Business Itinerary template is awesome. Add your departure flight details, accommodation information, and then your travel schedule for three days with times, locations, and details. Wrap it up with details for your return flight home.

    Travel and Business Trip Itineraries image

    5. Bright Meeting Itinerary

    To lighten up your business trip, look at this Bright Meeting Itinerary. Add your departure and return flight information, dates, times, and locations for your business meetings, and include additional trip details that you may need at the bottom.

    Travel and Business Trip Itineraries image 2

    6. Perfect Bright Travel Itinerary

    For another vibrant planner, this Perfect Bright Travel Itinerary is great for a five-day trip. Include the destinations, where to eat, leisure activities, and methods of transportation for each day.

    Travel and Business Trip Itineraries image 3

    7. 3 Meal and Activity Travel Itinerary

    This last template is suitable for most any type of travel. It offers attractive pastels with a casual font for your three-day getaway. Add the destination, dates, and times. Then, schedule your activities and meals for each day.

    Travel and Business Trip Itineraries image 4

    Party Itineraries

    Some parties are more than just simple get-togethers. Maybe it’s a weekend-long celebration or one where activities must take place at certain times due to reservations or bookings. These party itinerary templates can help you keep everything in order.

    8. Birthday Itinerary

    This Birthday Itinerary template is terrific for keeping everything organized for your party. Start with lunch, move onto the pool party, and include drinks and clubbing. You can also completely customize the template for your own party activities.

    Party Itineraries image

    9. Pastel Birthday Itinerary

    For a more elegant party template, look at this Pastel Birthday Itinerary. It’s not just for birthdays, use it for a graduation celebration, anniversary party, or bridal shower. It has an eye-catching yet stylish image on the top and bottom with easy-to-read font for the events, times, and locations.

    Party Itineraries image 2

    10. Vivid Birthday Itinerary

    Planning a weekend celebration for a birthday, engagement, or bachelorette party? This Vivid Birthday Itinerary gives you vibrant colors with a whimsical theme. Add the activity or location for each day, Friday through Sunday, and let the fun begin.

    Party Itineraries image 3

    Event Itineraries

    Event planning takes organization and time. If you are setting up a multi-day conference or just a one-night event, these itineraries help you organize it all.

    11. Contrast Event Schedule

    If you’re in charge of a conference or five-day seminar, you’ll appreciate this Contrast Event Schedule template. Place your company logo and contact information in the bold red space on the left. Then, add the dates, titles, and details for each day of your event on the right.

    Event Itineraries image

    12. Flat Event Schedule

    When you host an evening event, you want an itinerary to match. This Flat Event Schedule is decorated with a cocktail glass and gives you places for hourly activities. You can use the various spots to include dates, locations, a website, and phone number for a nicely detailed schedule.

    Event Itineraries image 2

    Wedding Itineraries

    If there’s one day where chaos can ensue without warning, it’s your wedding day. Every bride and groom want their special day to be absolutely perfect. This is the ideal time to use an itinerary for yourself, your bridal party, and even your guests.

    13. Wedding Itinerary

    This minimalistic Wedding Itinerary template is a simple yet attractive option for your weekend ceremony and celebration. Include the rehearsal details, location of each wedding day event, and a farewell breakfast, brunch, or lunch. There’s also a spot at the bottom for additional details you may want to include.

    Wedding Itineraries image

    14. Floral Wedding Itinerary

    Maybe you prefer an itinerary for the big day rather than a whole weekend. This lovely Floral Wedding Itinerary template starts with prepping and ends with the bouquet toss at the reception. You can send or print and hand out this pretty itinerary to your bridal party.

    Wedding Itineraries image 2

    15. Watercolor Wedding Itinerary

    If you’d like an itinerary you can share with guests in addition to the bridal party, this charming Watercolor Wedding Itinerary template is ideal. Create the schedule for your wedding day starting with the ceremony and ending with fireworks.

    Wedding Itineraries image 3

    Organize It All With Planning Templates

    Using customizable templates for trip planning, a flight itinerary, or a wedding day schedule can ease the job of organizing your travel or event. They can also be handy if you’re a travel agent making arrangements for a client.

    Keep this list of free itinerary templates bookmarked and for more, look at Google Sheets templates you can use every day.