Since its release in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has taken the world by storm and become one of the most popular handheld gaming devices for console and non-console players. Its unique design, partnered with an extensive collection of games, has made it a big hit, allowing players to spend hours enjoying the device without getting bored.

However, the Nintendo Switch is not just a gaming console. This device offers a variety of non-gaming apps for its users.

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    In this article, we will discuss the best Nintendo switch apps that are not related to gaming. If you want to know how you can maximize your gaming device, read on.

    How to Download Nintendo Switch Apps

    Like any device, Nintendo Switch has an app store called eShop, where you can find all the applications you can download. You can find eShop on your Switch home screen toolbar. Just look for a shopping bag icon and click it to open the shop.

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    In eShop, you can use the search bar on the top left of the screen to look for the app you want to install on your device. Then, after downloading your chosen app, you can find it on the home screen and launch it from there.

    The Best Nintendo Switch Apps of 2022

    The following are the best apps you can find in eShop for the Nintendo Switch.


    Apart from playing games, you can also stream your favorite shows on your Nintendo Switch with the Hulu app.

    First, however, be sure you have an existing Hulu account. You can download the Hulu app from the eShop for free, but you need to subscribe to access the content.

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    The Hulu app on Switch is as easy to use as the mobile app. You can also seamlessly switch from portable to docked mode with the Switch app, allowing the app to appear on your TV when docked. When you pull the device out of the dock, Hulu will continue playing on portable mode without pausing the show.

    Colors Live

    Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch doesn’t offer various options for drawing and painting apps, even if the device has excellent touchscreen capabilities and a huge screen. Thankfully, Color Live was created to allow artistic individuals to explore their creativity using their beloved console.

    Color Live is a drawing and painting app that comes with a precise pressure-sensitive pen with customizable functions. With this app, you can choose the stroke and thickness of your pen, allowing you to enjoy freeform drawing and painting.

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    What sets it apart from other painting apps is that it gamifies your creative journey through a mode that challenges you to paint every day, complete with a progression system.

    You can purchase the digital edition of Color Live from the developer’s site, with a retail edition coming out later this year.

    KORG Gadget

    If you are interested in making your own music but afraid to invest in expensive equipment, you can download the KORG Gadget app on your Nintendo Switch.

    It features a digital audio workstation (DAW) complete with16 different synthesizers and a cooperative mode that allows up to four players to simultaneously manipulate other parts of a song.

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    In addition to those features, this app allows you to use Switch’s Joy-Cons to augment your arrangements. For example, titling the Joy-Con can alter a wavelength or change the pitch of a song. This is why this app is easy to use, especially if you’ve never used a DAW before.

    The app is packed with features, so no wonder it comes with a pretty expensive price tag at $48.

    The KORG Gadget app was initially released for Mac and iOS, where it has received a reputation of being a powerful music production tool. The Switch version isn’t as great compared to its other versions, but it still is one of the best apps for Nintendo Switch.


    Fuze4 allows you to create your 2D or 3D game by teaching you how to code.

    While creating a game through an app may seemingly look like an easy thing to do, Fuze4 isn’t made for everyone. There is a reasonably steep learning curve in this app, and it requires some serious commitment.

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    The app can surely teach newbies the basics of coding, but serious coders who have an idea of what they’re doing can get the most out of this app. For example, its tutorial section breaks things down in manageable chunks, but some parts may be more advanced.

    It also features a few games that are a bit more than just demos. These games are made to show off your coding skills by allowing you to modify the game’s code. This is why Fuze4 is one of the best Nintendo Switch apps, as it is a great teaching tool to those who are curious about how games are made.


    If you love reading comics, InkyPen is the Nintendo Switch app for you. It is a digital comic reader and marketplace combined into an easy-to-use UI. This app features a store that allows you to access thousands of comics from Western and Eastern publishers.

    This selection includes titles from Dark Horse, Valiant, and IDW, along with various manga from Kodansha, the second-largest publisher of manga in the world. Unfortunately, even with an extensive library, InkyPen does not offer any comics from Marvel and DC.

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    This comic reader allows you to change the orientation from horizontal to vertical. It also lets you read the comics as a whole page, where you can zoom in and out and scroll through the entire series.

    You can use InkyPen even when your Switch is docked so that you can read your favorite comics on the big screen as well. To access these features, you must subscribe to InkyPen for $7.99 a month. While it may seem expensive, the subscription is worth it, especially for avid readers.


    Another streaming service that you can enjoy on your Nintendo Switch is YouTube. Using YouTube on your Switch can be difficult at first, but you’ll get used to it quickly. You can also sign in to your Google account through this app so you can have personalized content and access to channels you’ve subscribed to.

    One of the exciting features of the YouTube app on Switch is that it allows users to watch 36° videos. You can pan around the video using the joysticks, and controlling this feature is straightforward.

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    Apart from that, you can pair it with your mobile phone to use as a remote control. This works well, especially when your device is docked. Lastly, you can implement restrictions using the built-in Parental Control app found on every Switch console.

    More Than Gaming

    While Nintendo Switch is made specifically for gaming, developers have found it useful for other things. For example, these apps mentioned above can help you pursue other hobbies and hone your skills. If you’ve always wanted to produce your own music, create digital art and game, these apps for Nintendo Switch are good tools for new endeavors.