Roblox is an online platform that enables users to create and play games. What makes Roblox unique is that users rather than Roblox developers develop all the games.

Robux is the in-game currency of Roblox and is used to buy items or games. It isn’t a necessary part of the game, but having Robux enables players to play more games and take part in specific activities within those games.

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    It’s easy to buy, but how can you get free Robux? In this article, we’ll cover five legitimate ways to get free Robux.

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    1. Make a Roblox Game

    Making a Roblox game is the most fail-safe method to make Robux, but it does take some work.

    To create a Roblox game, you need to have a Roblox account.

    1. Head to the home page, select Create at the top of the screen.
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    1. Click Start Creating.
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    1. Select Download Studio to retrieve the Roblox game creation software.
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    There are several game templates and free tools to work with to create your first game. As a general recommendation, begin with an Obby, which is essentially an obstacle course game. These are popular yet simple to create games on Roblox.

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    Suppose you want to start by developing a more complicated game. Select Baseplate or one of the other templates. To develop one of these games, you will need a deep understanding of Lua, the Roblox development code. Luckily, Lua is a relatively simple code language to learn.

    Once you’ve finalized your game, you can monetize it. The primary way to monetize your game is to add in-game currency that players can buy and use in return for items, skins, starter packs, etc. The best strategy involves improvements and updates to your game over time to keep players interested. These could include new content, seasonal events, and sales.

    You can also use this method to make real money via the Developer Exchange Program, but this requires Roblox Premium membership. 

    Note: If you want to change your Roblox username to a more appropriate name for a developer, we have an article that can help you. 

    2. Robux Promo Codes

    Keep your eye out for promotional codes from Roblox, which give away free Robux to players. If you come across a promo code, head to the Roblox website and redeem it, automatically adding the Robux to your account. 

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    You can easily find promo codes online, although they expire quickly. Keep in mind that many promotional codes allow you to acquire an item rather than Robux.

    3. Earn Robux From Microsoft Rewards

    Note: This is only available to U.S. players.

    Microsoft Rewards is a free program by Microsoft which allows users to earn Rewards points for using their software. Finally, a good reason to use Microsoft Edge! 

    If you earn 1,500 Microsoft Reward points, you can use these to redeem up to 100 Robux. The most expensive option is 15,000 points for 1,000 Robux.

    To earn Robux this way, you must first sign up for Microsoft Rewards. Once you have the required amount of Rewards points:

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    1. Head to the Redeem page and select Roblox Digital Code.
    2. Choose the amount you would like and choose confirm. Microsoft will send you an email with a Robux Gift Card.
    3. Once you have this email, open Roblox and select Gift Cards, then Redeem Card. Enter the PIN provided by Microsoft, and there you go!

    4. Create and Sell Avatar Clothing

    Note: This option requires a Roblox Premium membership.

    If you have Premium membership, Roblox allows you to create and sell clothing items, including shirts, pants, and t-shirts.

    To do this:

    1. Head to the Create section and select Shirts, Pants, or T-shirts.
    2. You will need to create a design that you can then upload into this creation wizard.
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    1. Select Download Template and save the image file. There are several programsthat you can use to design Roblox items, but an easy browser-based option is Pixlr. Simply upload the template and then fill in the required areas with your desired designs. 
    2. Once you’ve designed the item, select the gear icon next to your item, select Configure, then select Sales
    3. Under Item for Sale, enter the price of your item in Robux. 
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    Keep in mind that there are thousands of designs, and you will need something extraordinary to make Robux using this method.

    5. Trade Items

    Note: This option requires a Roblox Premium membership.

    Head to a player’s profile page and offer them a trade for any item. If you have items that people want, you can offer to trade them for Robux. Keep in mind that for any accepted transaction, Roblox takes a 30% cut. So, while this option can technically make you Robux, it probably isn’t your best choice.

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    Keep an Eye Out for Scams

    Any website that offers a Robux “generator” or anything similar is a scam. Currently, the only ways to get free Robux still take some level of time and commitment, just like real money.

    The best way to get free Robux is to make a great game, but that’s easier said than done with so many creators on the platform. Keep your eye out for promo codes and other promotional material to get a few free Robux here and there.