Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful design and graphics programs available, but it can be tricky to learn all the tips and tricks that make your editing tasks easier and faster. That’s why knowing Adobe Photoshop keyboard shortcuts is essential! Keyboard shortcuts allow you to bypass endless clicks and menu navigation, streamlining your workflow so you can get more work done in less time.

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Instead of memorizing all the necessary Photoshop shortcut keyboards, you can save this article and use it as a cheat sheet whenever needed. Keep in mind that in most cases shortcuts for Windows and Mac users are the same. But in some cases, they can be different. If they are, the article will list both variations. The one for macOS will be displayed in parentheses.

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    Preparing Your Work

    Before you start working in Photoshop, you might want to prepare the image or the canvas. This will help you enhance your workflow. Preparing a Photoshop document should be second nature to you if you often use the software, but using keyboard shortcuts saves time. Instead of wasting time finding the right tools, press a few buttons on your keyboard to change image size, zoom in or out, and scale your image. Here are the most basic shortcuts that’ll help you prepare your work in Photoshop:

    Preparing Your Work
    Action Windows macOS
    Change Image Size CTRL + Alt + i Command + Option + i
    Change Canvas Size CTRL + Alt + c Command + Option + c
    Zoom In CTRL + + Command + +
    Zoom Out CTRL + – Command + –
    Scale Proportionately Hold Shift while selecting an object
    Scale in Place Hold shift + alt (option) while selecting an object
    Show Rulers CTRL + r Command + r
    Show/Hide the Grid CTRL + ‘ Command + ‘

    Selecting Tools

    The tools with which you work in Photoshop come in groups. Each tool group has different functions. For example, under the Object Selection group, you’ll have options to make a quick selection, or to use a magic wand tool.
    Each tool has a keyboard shortcut, and here’s the list of the most commonly used ones:

    Selecting Tools
    Move tool
    Selecting Tools image v Path Selection tool
    Direct Selection tool
    Selecting Tools image 2 a
    Object Selection tool
    Quick Selection tool
    Selecting Tools image 3 w Hand tool Selecting Tools image 4 h
    Rectangular Marquee tool
    Elliptical Marquee Tool
    Selecting Tools image 5 m Rotate View Selecting Tools image 6 r
    Lasso tool
    Polygonal Lasso tool
    Selecting Tools image 7 l Pen tool
    Freeform Pen tool
    Selecting Tools image 8 p
    Eyedropper tool
    Color Sampler tool
    Selecting Tools image 9 i Clone Stamp tool
    Pattern Stamp tool
    Selecting Tools image 10 s
    Crop tool
    Perspective Crop tool
    Selecting Tools image 11 c Dodge tool
    Burn tool
    Selecting Tools image 12 o
    Eraser tool
    Background Eraser tool
    Selecting Tools image 13 e Zoom Tool
    Selecting Tools image 14 z
    Rounded Rectangle
    Selecting Tools image 15 u Default
    Foreground/Background colors
    Selecting Tools image 16 d
    Horizontal Type tool
    Vertical Type tool
    Selecting Tools image 17 t Switch Foreground/Background colors Selecting Tools image 18 x
    Brush tool
    Pencil tool
    Selecting Tools image 19 b Toggle Quick Mask Modes Selecting Tools image 20 q
    History Brush tool
    Art history Brush tool
    Selecting Tools image 21 y Change Screen Mode Selecting Tools image 22 f
    Spot Healing Brush tool
    Healing Brush tool
    Selecting Tools image 23 j
    Gradient tool
    Paint Bucket tool
    Selecting Tools image 24 g

    Note: These quick shortcuts are the same for Windows and macOS users.

    The Brush Tool

    The brush is one of the most commonly used tools in Adobe Photoshop for obvious reasons.

    The Brush Tool image

    Use these shortcuts to change the brush size, shape, and transparency of the brush strokes.

    The Brush Tool
    Increase size ]
    Decrease size [
    Increase brush hardness }
    Decrease brush hardness {
    Select previous or next brush style , or .
    Display precise crosshair for brushes Capslock
    Also Shift + Capslock
    Toggle airbrush option Shift + Alt + p (Shift + Option + p on Mac)

    The Marquee Tool

    Making quick and simple selections in Photoshop is easy. But the Marquee tool is capable of so much more than a simple drag and select. Use it to select individual elements in your image or the entire graphic. After making a proper selection you can easily copy, cut, and paste it into another place, document, or even layer.
    Here are some of the commonly used Marquee tool shortcuts. But first, press M on your keyboard to select the tool.

    The Marquee Tool
    Windows macOS
    Toggle between Slice Tool and Slice Selection Tool CTRL Command
    Draw square slice Shift + drag mouse Shift + drag mouse
    Draw from center outwards Alt + drag mouse Option + drag mouse
    Draw square slice from center outwards Shift + Alt + drag mouse Shift + Option + drag mouse
    Reposition the slice while creating it Spacebar + drag mouse Spacebar + drag mouse

    Blending Options

    Blending modes will improve the looks of your graphics or image you are working on. They determine how the colors blend between the layers. Some of the blending options make subtle changes, while others can drastically change the visual impression of your graphics.
    To select the blending option go to Photoshop’s top bar menu and select Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options.

    Blending Options image

    Alternatively, you can double-click any layer and that will bring up the options for that particular layer. You’ll find blending options there.

    Blending Options image 2

    Once you open the blending options, you can use the following shortcuts. But don’t forget to first select the move tool (v) and then click on the layer you want to manipulate with blending options.

    Blending Options
    Windows macOS
    Toggle different blending modes Shift + + and Shift + – Shift + + and Shift + –
    Normal mode Shift + Alt + n Shift + Option + n
    Dissolve Shift + Alt + i Shift + Option + i
    Darken Shift + Alt + k Shift + Option + k
    Lighten Shift + Alt + g Shift + Option + g
    Multiply Shift + Alt + m Shift + Option + m
    Overlay Shift + Alt + o Shift + Option + o
    Hue Shift + Alt + u Shift + Option + u
    Saturation Shift + Alt + t Shift + Option + t
    Luminosity Shift + Alt + y Shift + Option + y

    Working with Layers and Objects

    Manipulating certain objects in your graph, or even multiple layers can be daunting work. But these shortcuts make it all seem so easy. These are also some of the most commonly used shortcuts in Photoshop by both professionals and those who are just starting out.

    Manipulating Objects and Layers
    Windows macOS
    Select all objects CTRL + a Command + a
    Deselect selected objects CTRL + d Command + d
    Inverse the selection Shift + CTRL + i Shift + Command + i
    Select all layers CTRL + Alt + a Command + Option + a
    Merge all layers CTRL + Shift + e Command + Shift + e
    Select top layer Alt + . Option + .
    Select bottom layer Alt + , Option + ,
    Select next layer down or up Alt + [ or ] Option + [ or ]
    Move target layer down or up CTRL + [ or ] Command + [ or ]
    Move selected layer to the bottom or top CTRL + Shift + [ or ] Command + Shift + [ or ]
    Create a new layer Shift + CTRL + n Shift + Command + n
    New layer via copy CTRL + j Command + j
    New Layer via cut CTRL + Shift + J Command + Option + j
    Group selected layers CTRL + g Command + g
    Ungroup selected layers CTRL + Shift + g Command + Shift + g
    Merge and flatten selected layers CTRL + e Command + e
    Merge selected layers on top of the other layers Control + Shift + Alt + e Command+ Shift+ Option + e
    Free Transform objects CTRL + t Command + t
    Undo last action CTRL + z Command +z
    Undo multiple last actions CTRL + Alt + z Command + Option + Z

    Saving Your Photoshop Document

    Finally, let’s see which shortcuts you can use to save your work in Photoshop. It won’t matter if you finished it or not. You can always return to your work if you save it as a Photoshop (PSD) file.

    Save your Photoshop Work
    Windows macOS
    Save as CTRL + Shift + s Command + Shift + s
    Save for Web and Devices CTRL + Shift + Alt + s Command + Shift + Option + s

    Even if you’re a beginner at using this software, taking the time to learn and practice these important key commands can really pay off in significantly reducing the time it takes to adjust intricate images. Don’t worry if it takes time to remember a certain shortcut though – practice makes perfect!

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