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Creating a resume can feel overwhelming. To get a headstart on the design and elements you need to include, take a look at these Canva resume templates.

Yes, you can use Canva for more than images and infographics. Each template on our list is available for free, offers a unique design and effective layout, and can help you impress at a glance.

Table of Contents

    1. White and Grey Professional Resume and Cover Letter

    This first Minimalistic White and Grey Resume template is an excellent option if you want a cover letter to match. You receive two different resume layouts to choose from: one with spots for a profile and two work experience positions and the other with an expertise section and three previous positions.

    The cover letter header matches that of each resume layout and includes a place for your signature at the bottom.

    These white and grey canva resume templates are bound to impress
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    2. Blue Professional Modern CV Resume

    If you’d like a template with a little pizzazz, such as your professional photo, check out this Blue Modern CV Resume. Simply swap out the sample photo with your own to personalize the appearance of your resume.

    You then have sections for Experience and Education, along with a Skills Summary using bars and percentages. Then, take advantage of the Language and Expertise areas structured with bullet lists.

    Blue Professional Modern CV Resume image

    3. Brown Cream Simple Resume CV

    If you’re a student or recent graduate, this Brown Cream Simple Creative Resume template is a good choice. It offers equally sized sections for Education, Experience, (professional) Skills, and Personal Skills.

    You can also use the About Me area at the top to introduce yourself and highlight your capabilities.

    Brown Cream Simple Resume CV image

    4. Blue and White Simple Resume

    Another resume template that’s ideal for students or those without work experience is this Blue and White Simple Resume. You can add your photo and contact information on the left with your Education, Skills, and Interests on the right.

    The template gives you a neat and clean appearance that’s also attractive and professional.

    Blue and White Simple Resume image

    5. Minimalist Modern Resume

    For a Canva resume template that provides enough room to add detailed paragraphs about your previous positions, look to this Minimalist Modern Resume. The contemporary design gives you a splash of blue as it highlights your contact information, education, and skills.

    You can then add a profile statement or paragraph and all the details you need for your work experience.

    Minimalist Modern Resume image

    6. Black and Yellow Bold Resume

    Are you in an industry where emitting boldness and confidence is the way to go? If so, this Black and Yellow Bold Creative Resume template might be just what you’ve been looking for. It offers a black background with large gold headings and black-and-white graphics.

    You still have spots for Work Experience and Education but with plenty of flair. You can also include your Skills along the bottom and even replace the current images with icons to complement your skills.

    As a bonus, this resume comes with a matching cover letter.

    Black and Yellow Bold Resume image

    7. Beige and Brown Modern CV Resume

    When you have a lot of details to include but want to stick to a one-page resume, this Beige and Brown Modern CV template works perfectly. Include your contact details, education, references, languages, and interests below your photo on the left.

    Then, add your Hard and Soft Skills at the top using bar graph images and your Work Experience beneath.

    Beige and Brown Modern CV Resume image

    8. Modern White and Black A4 Resume

    If you’re in the creative industry working as a photographer or graphic designer, this Modern White and Black resume template helps you showcase a sampling of your work. You can swap out the example images with your own, giving you an easy and attractive way to display just some of your work along with your experience and education.

    You can also include a link to your online portfolio at the bottom, which is the perfect addition to this creative template.

    Modern White and Black A4 Resume image

    9. Multicolor Modern Musician Resume

    If you’re a musician, DJ, instrumental artist, or music producer, this colorful and eye-catching template is for you. With the Multicolor Modern Professional Musician Resume, you have graphical elements in the form of music notes at the top and bottom.

    The different colors for each section heading give the resume energy, which is ideal for showing a fun, contemporary music style or personality.

    Multicolor Modern Musician Resume image

    10. Black and White Minimalist Resume

    Maybe it’s your skills and expertise you want to highlight. This Black and White Minimalist Resume template draws your eye to these sections at the bottom. You can use a bar graph design to show your experience levels in the Skills area and then expand with the Expertise section’s bullet list to the right.

    The template offers a clean and sophisticated appearance, appropriate for almost any industry.

    Black and White Minimalist Resume image

    11. Simple Modern Resume Template

    This last Canva resume template has a neat appearance but is also a modern one, making it suitable for those in the technology field. With the Simple Modern Resume Template, you have a standout location to add your Certificates and can use the area beneath to highlight your skills or something specific like programming languages.

    Of course, you have the standard sections for Education and Experience as well as About Me and Contact areas for a comprehensive resume.

    Simple Modern Resume Template image

    Create Your Resume With Ease

    Whether you choose a template tailored to your industry or an elegant, all-encompassing option, you can pop in your elements for a professional-looking resume in no time. Which one of these Canva resume templates will you choose?

    For more, look at these online resume-building services.