How to Create an Encrypted Disk Image in OS X

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Looking for a way to encrypt a folder of sensitive data on your Mac? You could encrypt your entire hard drive using File Vault, but this may be overkill for most people. Luckily, OS X has a built-in feature that allows you to create an encrypted disk image containing whatever data you want inside the […]

Top Ways to Boost WiFi Signals & Improve Performance

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Equipped with a wireless router from your ISP, most WiFi networks are usually fairly efficient. For at-home setups, a quality router will usually be more than enough to run a decent network. After all, even your close neighbors can normally see your wireless network. Of course, there are some exceptions. If you live in a very […]

How to Create Fillable Forms in Word

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Did you know that you can create forms in Word that people can fill out? When you hear about fillable forms, it is almost always related to Adobe and PDF documents because that’s the most popular format. However, Word is also quite a powerful tool and you can use it to quickly create forms that […]

How to Use Compare & Combine Documents in Word

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Word has two really useful features that almost no one ever uses: Compare Documents and Combine Documents. As their names imply, the features let you either compare two Word docs against each other or combine two together. So when would you ever need to use this? Well, if you’re like me, you probably have 20 […]

Install, Boot, and Run Mac OS X From an External Hard Drive

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Looking for a way to install and run OS X on an external hard drive? This can be useful for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, it allows you to run another copy of OS X without needing any additional Mac computer. Also, since you can run a full copy of OS X on the […]

How to Create and Use Formulas in Tables in Word

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There are a lot of times when I need to include some simple data calculations in a Word document and a table is the best option. You can always try to insert an entire Excel spreadsheet into your Word doc, but that’s overkill sometimes. In this article, I’m going to talk about how you can […]

Unlock Password Protected Zip Files

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Have a ZIP file that you can’t get into because it has a password on it? If you forgot the password, the only option you have is to try and recover the password using third-party utilities. Depending on which program created the ZIP file (7-Zip, WinZip, etc.) and what type of encryption was used, your […]

How to View Saved WiFi Passwords on Windows 7, 8, & 10

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Are you still using the WiFi password that is written on the back of the router your ISP gave you? If so, it’s probably some really long combination of letters, numbers and symbols that you can never remember. Most people try to write the password down somewhere or simply check on the router every time […]

How to View Mac Files on a Windows PC

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Even though OS X can read Windows formatted hard drives just fine, the opposite is still not true, even with Windows 10. Granted, OS X can’t write to a Windows formatted disk, but at least it can read the contents of the drive and you can copy the data to your Mac computer. Windows has absolutely […]

Print from iPhone/iPad to Any Printer

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Got a printer and need to print something from your iPhone or iPad? If your printer supports AirPrint, thing couldn’t be easier. The printer will just show up in the list and you’re good to go. If you do not have an AirPrint-enabled printer, however, then you’re pretty much out of luck. Luckily, there are […]