Did Amazon mess up your order and never delivered it? There are many reasons why Amazon orders don’t show up on your doorstep. The address might be wrong, the shipping company mixed up the packages, someone flagged it as undeliverable, or the order got lost in the warehouse. Whatever happens, an undelivered package still exists somewhere because it can’t just vanish into thin air.

Read on to learn all about Amazon’s unclaimed items. That order you never got is still somewhere out there and you might even accidentally find it. Here’s what unclaimed packages are and where to buy them.

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    What Are Unclaimed Amazon Packages?

    Amazon, and similar companies, have a rule that a package will stay in their warehouse for up to 90 days. During this period the receiver has the right to come and claim the package. If that doesn’t happen, the Amazon package simply becomes labeled as unclaimed. Amazon will often refund or resend the same item to their customer. But have you ever wondered what happens to the original unclaimed package?

    This is where the fun part begins. Amazon needs to cover its losses, and these packages are sent to auction to be sold to the highest bidder. However, instead of opening every package and inventorying it, Amazon simply sells them in bulk on auction sites such as GovDeals or Liquidation.com.

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    The buyers at these sites are usually eCommerce businesses and charity organizations. They resell the whole package or the individual items. But you too can buy these packages for very little money and get some great items. However, you should understand that there are different types of unclaimed Amazon packages being sold, and although some of them can be high-value items for which you would pay a fortune, other items in the package might be useless.

    Individual shoppers typically buy unclaimed Amazon packages either through online shops or at local swap meets. This even became a very popular trend on social media such as YouTube and TikTok. The content creators would buy Amazon boxes and open them in front of the camera to show off what great deals they got.

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    The variety of items in these mystery packages, or even pallets of boxes, can range from expensive Louis Vuitton garments and expensive Apple products to cheap underwear or gift cards for Target or Starbucks. The unboxing videos are some of the most popular content on YouTube.

    Types of Unclaimed Amazon Packages and Their Value

    Some eCommerce and Liquidation websites have manifestos of the packages they are reselling, and in them, they list the items, their models, and serial numbers. Sometimes they have very generalized labels such as Electronics, Toys, or books. You get the general idea of what is inside the box, but there are no details on each item. This way, you can have some insight into what you are buying and decide if the package is worth the money you are spending.

    As for the value of unclaimed Amazon boxes, it can go for as low as $1, or several thousands of dollars. It depends on several factors. The boxes can be completely unlabeled and usually the seller and the buyer have no idea what’s in them. They are typically referred to as blind boxes. But the packages with at least a general label are of more value. Among them, the electronic packages will be more expensive than those labeled toys. Some packages were stored in a warehouse for too long, and there is no guarantee that the goods inside them are not damaged. Some items are returned to amazon so expect them to be opened, or even not working.

    Where to Buy Unclaimed Amazon Packages

    Your best bet for buying undelivered or returned Amazon packages would be directly from the Amazon liquidation site. Here you can browse through various auctions and read details about each pallet of packages, if available. These websites don’t sell only Amazon packages, but any unclaimed mail from other delivery services such as UPSP.

    They also sell returned or expired items from shops such as Walmart or Target. Some sellers can arrange the shipping of the pallets, but be aware that shipping costs can be higher than the value of the package you are bidding for.

    Here are some websites where you can bid for the unclaimed Amazon packages:

    1. Liquidation.com

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    The best thing about Liquidation.com is that you can sort the bids not only by the category of products but also by the amount you want to buy. Select a truckload, pallet, or package to purchase unclaimed Amazon mail. Typically Liquidation.com lists the items in the packages so you can have an idea of what you are buying.

    The bids start as low as $100 but can go pretty high, depending on how many people are bidding. Some pallets and packages can be bought immediately, without auctions. Liquidation.com also makes some of the unclaimed packages available for international shipping.

    2. Direct Liquidation

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    You can buy Amazon packages on Direct Liquidation by bidding or with a Buy Now option. This e-liquidation company features both new and refurbished items with a warranty of 90 days. You can choose if you want to personally pick up the packages from their warehouse, or if you want the company to organize shipping.

    There are various sizes of stock on offer on Direct Liquidation, from pallets and truckloads to single packages. Many people trust Direct Liquidation because it has very simple and safe transaction methods.

    3. BULQ

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    BULQ is a liquidation company that deals directly with Amazon. The new liquidated items are put on sale every day. Some have fixed prices, and others are put on short auctions that last less than 3 days. All purchases made through BULQ are final and there are no returns. However, BULQ makes sure to take good quality photos of packages, and even items inside. They have detailed manifestos, so you are sure what you are buying.

    The description of packages will always say if the items are possibly in bad or not working as the intended condition. You can opt to organize transport of your purchased Amazon packages on your own, or pay a standard fee of $30 for BULQ’s transport.

    4. American Pallet Liquidators

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    American Pallet Liquidators is one of the biggest liquidation businesses in the US. They have experience in dealing with Amazon packages, and they are a perfect place to look for mystery boxes, pallets, and even truckloads. They don’t open the Amazon packages to sort through them or to make an inventory.

    Your purchase will be blind, but that is the fun part! This company has one of the biggest warehouses for liquidation items, and you can physically go there and see the pallets. The physical feel of the packages might help you decide if you want to take the risk and buy them.

    5. Barton’s Discounts

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    Barton’s Discounts has experience assisting Amazon in processing their unclaimed packages, overstocked or returned items, and shelf pulls. They sell Amazon liquidation pallets by truckloads, but you can also purchase mystery boxes from them. With the headquarters in Indiana, Barton’s Discounts is a good choice for the hassle-free purchase of Amazon’s unclaimed packages.

    6. BlueLots

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    BlueLots sells Amazon return pallets but also packages from some of the largest US retailers. They stand out from other liquidation companies as they don’t mark up the inventory. Instead, they charge the retailers directly. They ship through UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

    7. 888 Lots

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    888 Lots has more than 10,000 Amazon returned packages, all sorted out into more than 30 categories. Although truckloads, pallets, and packages usually have fixed prices, everyone is welcome to bargain with the seller.

    This liquidation platform provides details on pallets such as amazon sales ranks, amazon reviews, images, item description, serial number, and condition. You can either organize your own transport or pay upfront $12.99 for 888 Lots shipping.

    8. B-Stock

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    Amazon partnered up with B-stock to sell their return package pallets in the US, EU, and the UK. Because of the diversity of locations, the prices, shipping, and condition of packages will vary greatly. Although you can browse the auctions without an account on the B-Stock platform, you will need one to see the details of each auction, if offered.

    Tips on How to Avoid Scams

    Buying unclaimed Amazon packages can feel as if every day is a Christmas day. You can get some great deals on high-quality items. But as with all online commerce with auctions, bargains, and great deals, there is always a danger of running into scammers.

    You need to learn how to play it safe. First-time buyers should never invest big money into buying blind boxes. Keep it simple and safe until you gain some experience. This will not only help you avoid scams but also give you the feel of how online auctions work.

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    Here are some simple tips on how to avoid scammers when buying unclaimed Amazon packages:

    1. Buy only from trusted websites. Start with the ones listed here, and expand your shopping experience only to those websites that are vetted by other users.

    2. Read reviews and feedback on all the vendors you are about to deal with. This is especially important if you plan on buying mystery boxes. Yes, surprises are nice, but you don’t want to be surprised by a scam.

    3. Read the terms and conditions for each sale listed on liquidation or e-commerce sites. You don’t want to end up with broken items that you won’t be able to return.

    4. Always try buying locally. Although shipping costs are not a scam, they can hurt your wallet. Buying locally or even at a swap meet will reduce the cost you have to pay for unclaimed Amazon packages.

    Whatever you do, always make sure you are buying safely. You do not want to buy boxes that were tampered with. The whole point of buying unclaimed packages is to pay less and gain more. There is never a guarantee that the items you get will be in good condition, so try to factor that in when determining how much you are willing to pay. Sometimes, even the great deals can end up being a ripoff, especially with blind boxes.

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