How to Setup an iTunes Library On an External Hard Drive or NAS

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Did you know it was possible to move your iTunes library over to an external hard drive? If you’re low on space and you have a lot of media that simply cannot be stored using iCloud, then one great option is to move everything to an external USB drive. I personally never use iTunes anymore, but […]

Mac vs. PC Pros and Cons List

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Can’t decide if you should buy a Mac or PC? It’s a tough decision because both platforms have different advantages and disadvantages. It really also depends a lot on external factors like what other devices you own and what kind of software you use. For example, if you own an Xbox One, a Windows Phone, […]

Hide One Friend From Another on Facebook

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On Facebook, once you friend someone, they normally can see all of your friends by default. This is not very helpful if you want to friend someone, but don’t want that friend to know about another friend that you may have. Maybe you’re friends with two people who were together, but are now split up and hate each […]

USB 2.0 vs. USB 3.0 vs. eSATA vs. Thunderbolt vs. Firewire vs. Ethernet Speed

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Your desktop or laptop computer has a wide variety of ports and connection types, but what are they all for and how do they differ? USB 2.0, USB 3.0, eSATA, Thunderbolt, Firewire, and Ethernet are some of the technologies that are built into many of the computers sold today. So, what’s the fastest connection type? What […]

How to Lock a Note with a Password or Touch ID in iOS

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With the release of the latest version of iOS, you can now protect your notes in the Notes app using either a password or Touch ID. For me, this was really great news because I use the Notes app a lot on my iPhone, but hate the fact that I have to use a different […]

Upgrade to FIOS Quantum Gateway Router for Faster LAN Speeds

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If you are a Verizon FIOS customer, like myself, your setup and router may be slowing down your LAN speeds significantly. So what do I mean by LAN speed? Well, there is Internet speed and then there is LAN or Local Area Network speed. Your Internet speed can easily be checked by visiting a site […]

How to Get Started with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

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If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard of Raspberry Pi and how it can be used to create your own DIY projects like setting up a home media server or controlling a robot or monitoring the weather. If you like to tinker around with electronics, Raspberry Pi is a great starting point for beginners or advanced […]

Sony PS4 Remote Play to Windows or Mac Setup & Review

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Since I bought a PlayStation 4 last year as a gift to myself, I was quite excited to hear about the remote play feature coming in software update 3.50. I installed it immediately and tried it out on my Mac and PC to see how well it worked. Overall, I would give the remote play […]

Set Default Folder When Opening Explorer in Windows 10

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After upgrading to Windows 10 recently, I noticed that whenever I opened Explorer, it would always show me Quick Access. I like the new Quick Access feature, but I preferred to have Explorer open to This PC instead. For me, being able to access the different drives on the computer and my network devices was […]

Generate a Verification Code for Apple Two Factor Authentication

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I recently wrote a post on how to enable Apple’s new two-factor authentication feature for an iCloud account, which will make your account much more secure. In addition, even if you had two-step verification turned on, two-factor authentication is even more secure. Normally, when you sign into iCloud on a new device like your iPhone or […]