Add a Cover Page to a Word Document

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As any good writer will tell you, the presentation of your work is as important as the content. Consequently, if you want people to perceive your work as professional, you need to make it look good too. Using Word’s built in cover page feature, you can add a professional looking cover page to any document. […]

Adjust Gamma, Brightness, and Contrast on a LCD Monitor

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ATI and NVIDIA are locked in a war for top place in the graphics card  market. AMD’s relatively recent acquisition of ATI has given the company a slight edge over its competition. As part of the marketing process, both companies not only innovate newer and more powerful graphics chips, they also struggle to provide an […]

Add a Linear Regression Trendline to an Excel Scatter Plot

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Although Excel is capable of calculating a number of descriptive and inferential statistics for you, it is often better to show a visual representation of data when presenting information to a group. Using Excel’s built in trendline function, you can add a linear regression trendline to any Excel scatter plot. Inserting a Scatter Diagram into […]

How to Add Action Buttons to a PowerPoint Presentation

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Found in a strange place in the application, you can add action buttons to a PowerPoint slide to make your presentation more interactive and easier to use for the viewer. These action buttons can make a presentation simpler to navigate and make the slides in your presentation behave like web pages. Before you add action […]

Dealing with Too Many Fonts in Windows?

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Unknown to some Windows users, it’s the operating system that stores and manages fonts on a computer, not the individual applications that make use of them. Still, with each application you install on your computer such as word processors and desktop publishers, more and more fonts accumulate on your PC. It’s entirely possible for you […]

How to Sort Text in Word

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When most people think of sorting text in an application, they think of sorting cells in an Excel spreadsheet. However, you can sort text in Word as long as there is something that tells Word where the different parts of text begin and end. In this article, I’ll show you a couple of ways you […]

Fix Windows Cannot Configure This Wireless Connection

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Recently, I had a client that was not able to connect to his wireless network with the built-in wireless card on his laptop. Basically, the connection suddenly dropped one day and he decided to buy a wireless USB stick in order to keep working until he could fix the problem. However, the built-in wireless adapter […]

How to Merge MP3 Files

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As an avid music listener, I too wished before to easily combine together an album’s songs into a single file. Merging several mp3 files into one has many benefits. It can continuously play my favorite songs with just a click of a button, save disk space, and manage my mp3 collections better. The World Wide […]

5 Easy Ways to Speed Up a Slow Windows 7 Computer

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In terms of optimizing your computer, Help Desk Geek’s 99 Ways to Make Your Computer Blazingly Fast is tough to top; but if you don’t have the time to initiate all of those helpful fixes in one session, there are some quick and easy steps that you can take to rejuvenate a slow computer, all […]

Turn on Private Browsing Mode in Chrome and Opera

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We have previously talked about private browsing mode in Firefox (Turn on Private Browsing in Firefox) and Internet Explorer (Enable Private Browsing in IE 11/Edge). This post will cover how to surf the web privately in Google Chrome and Opera. Note that browsing the web in private browsing mode doesn’t guarantee that everything you do is […]