8 Windows 10 Task Manager Tips

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As I mentioned previously in an article comparing Windows 7 to Windows 10, the Task Manager has been completely redesigned. It’s now a lot simpler to use by default, but if you really want to get all the details like before, you can still get those! There are a couple of other little shortcuts and […]

5 Programs to Turn Your PC into a Streaming Media Center

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After I bought my iPad, I realized I don’t really use my laptop as much anymore. This means that I really use my desktop a lot a less! Unfortunately, my desktop, which has some decent specs, is in sleep mode most of the time. I thought this was a little sad and a waste of […]

OTT Guide to Troubleshooting Printer Problems

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Printer problems can be extremely annoying and frustrating. One of my friends just posted a status that sums it up pretty well, “We can send someone to space, robots to Mars, but I still can’t print a Word document!”. I’m pretty amazed myself how many problems I have with printers, especially wireless ones. Over the […]

Thumbnail Previews Not Showing in Windows 8/10 Explorer?

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I installed Windows 8 on my home desktop a few weeks back and so far haven’t really had any problems. However, one odd thing that I noticed was that whenever I would view a directory that contained pictures or videos, I would just see the default icon for that file type rather than a thumbnail […]

OTT Guide To Repairing Your Own Computer Instead of GeekSquad

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So I recently had a friend come over to my place and ask me if I could take a look at his computer because it suddenly started giving him an “Operating system not found” error whenever he tried to boot up. It was a fairly new laptop and it had Windows 7 Home Premium installed. […]

OTT Explains – What File Format is Best for USB Drives?

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I was recently asked by a friend what the best file format would be formatting his USB drive. When I started to explain it, I realized that it wasn’t actually terribly self-explanatory and depending on the situation, you may want to format the drive differently. It also depends on the size of the USB drive. […]

Best Windows (Alternative) Shell Replacement Programs

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Looking for some good desktop/shell replacement programs for Windows? For those of you who feel the need, the need to customize, an alternative shell to the Windows shell is one possible solution. So what exactly is a shell replacement? It’s basically a program that will integrate with Windows and replace the default shell. The shell […]

Change Account Picture in Windows 8

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I’m not a big fan of my current account picture in Windows 8, which always shows up in the Start Screen and really annoys me. I’m not really even sure how that picture got chosen as my account picture, but for some reason I must have uploaded it when I first created a Microsoft Live […]

OTT Explains – UAC (User Account Control) in Windows 10

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User Account Control is one of those features in Windows that many people really don’t understand. Most people just find it annoying that you keep getting pop up dialogs asking for permission to do things like install apps, change settings, etc., etc. A lot of people even disable UAC just so they don’t have to […]

5 Ways to Speed up Windows 10

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Windows 10 is pretty darn fast compared to older versions of Windows like Windows Vista and Windows 7, especially on boot up. If you replace your hard drive with an SSD (solid state drive), it’s even more ridiculously fast! But I’m always about optimizing the system to make it even faster! I’ve been using Windows […]