The Online Tech Tips Guide to Chkdsk in Windows 10

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Chkdsk has been one of those great little tools built into just about every version of Windows that help fix NTFS file system errors, corruption in file system metadata, or hard disk errors. Before Windows Vista and Windows 7, chkdsk hadn’t changed much at all. In Windows Vista and 7, there were some significant speed […]

Fix Back Button Not Working in Internet Explorer

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I recently ran into a very odd problem on one of my Windows machines where the Back button in Internet Explorer stopped working! I would press back and nothing would happen! It was the oddest thing ever and this was on a fresh install of Windows 10 with IE 11. I had never experienced this […]

Do Surge Protectors Really Work?

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So you might have asked yourself if that $100 Monster surge protector you bought from Best Buy for your new HDTV and electronics really works or not? Luckily, most of us will never encounter a power surge to see if our equipment will survive or not, which is a good thing. However, if you’re someone […]

Change Desktop Icon Spacing in Windows 10

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In Windows 10, there is no easy way to adjust the desktop icon spacing as we used to be able to do in Windows 7. There you could go to Personalize, choose Window Color and then click on Change advanced appearance settings. Then the dialog Window Color and Appearance box above would pop up and […]

Want to Automatically Logout of Gmail or Google Account?

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I use a lot of Google products like Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, Google Calendar, etc., etc., and so does everyone in my family. The one problem with this situation is that if you don’t log off your Gmail or Google account, then the next person that comes around can access your entire Google life! So […]

1080p or 4K HD Videos Lagging and Choppy?

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I recently bought a Sony mirrorless camera that records full HD (1080p) at 60p and 4K at 24p. The video quality is awesome…if I could ever watch it! I tried playing the videos on my MacBook Pro and there was a lot of lag and choppiness. Then I tried to play the videos on my […]

12 Handy Tools to Keep on Your USB Stick

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If you’re like me, you probably have a bunch of useless USB sticks laying around the house. USB sticks still come in handy every so often, but more and more I rely on the cloud. There are those times, though, when you can’t connect to the cloud and a USB stick is your only choice. […]

Volume Too Loud While Playing Videos on PC?

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I’ve always found it really annoying when watching movies on my PC that some scenes are super loud and some scenes I can barely hear what is going on. I understand they are trying to make it as realistic as possible, but it’s really annoying if you can’t crank up the speakers all the way […]

How to Open a File with No Extension

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Have you ever run into the scenario where you end up with a file that has no extension? How do you go about opening it? One way it so simply guess and try to change the file extension to different file types and try to open the file. That sometimes works if someone says they […]

Difference between BD-R, BD-RE, DVD-R, DVD+R

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If you are interested in getting a DVD or Blu-ray drive to burn some data off to an external disc that you can store in a safe deposit box or for some other reason, then the sheer number of formats and versions can make the task quite confusing. For example, there are five different formats […]