These days, with the ability for information to be passed around at such a quick rate, certain phrases get picked up and used so much that they sometimes gain an entirely different meaning than they were originally used for.

Such an abbreviation you may have seen or heard being used around the internet, and especially in gaming, is “GG.” 

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    What does “GG” mean? It stands for “good game” and really has been around since multiplayer competitive gaming has. It’s been used from its inception in a way similar to how athletes use it, as a sign of respect to your fellow players, even if they’re from the opposite team. 

    Of course, in the gaming scene, this phrase became abbreviated to GG and over time, its meaning has taken on differing connotations. 

    The Beginnings of GG

    The days of LAN, or local-area-network gaming, was when the multiplayer gaming scene was just getting started. During this time, this type of gameplay was extremely new, and not many people had access to it. 

    Playing a game with others usually meant just friends you knew personally, not someone all the way across the world. Because of that, players had much more of an incentive to show respect to others. 

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    Sooner or later, though, online multiplayer gaming was destined to turn into something more. And it did so with games like Quake and Starcraft, the latter of which is known for really starting the use of the term GG. As games like these grew more and more popular, the use of GG started to become standard when an in-game defeat occurred. 

    Usage of the term soon grew to become widespread, so much so that nearly everyone who played online games knew what it stood for. But just like most things that get popular, there are people out there who started to misuse or twist its meaning. 

    How GG Began To Be Used Offensively

    When it comes down to it, gamers are competitive. Why else would you sit on your computer for hours on end trying to get good at a specific game, if you didn’t want to win as much as humanly possible? 

    When online multiplayer gaming started to get to this level of competitiveness, the amount of pettiness in game chats also grew. Even early on, some players disliked the use of GG to end a game. To them, it felt more like a taunt than a sign of respect. 

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    Some people began to use GG at the beginning of a game, indicating that they already knew they were going to win. Others would use it sarcastically at the end of the game, to tell their opponents the win was too easy. What at first was a phrase of good sportsmanship became something players said to get a rise out of opponents. 

    Over time, as this new meaning of GG started to take hold, the abbreviation was launched into the mainstream and people started to use it sarcastically not only in-game, but in real life. It began to be used in internet circles as a joke when something goes so horribly wrong that you can only say GG to whatever caused it. 

    Nowadays, GG is rarely used in its original context, and more often as a joke. Usually, though, it’s pretty obvious to tell if someone is using it sincerely or to poke fun. 

    Other Uses Of GG

    Out of the abbreviation GG grew a few others, mostly to emphasize the sarcastic or condescending nature of the remark. Many will use these terms or a combination of them to really pack a punch after an opponent’s defeat. 

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    GG EZ

    This means “good game, easy” and is used to tell the opposing team that the match was no challenge. It’s almost always used as an insult to the other team, but may also be used within your own team to congratulate yourselves. But if it’s really being used disrespectfully, one might add “LOL” at the end, or “laugh out loud” to get the point across. 

    GG No Re

    “Good game, no rematch” is an especially heinous phrase to use. It most often means the game was so easy you don’t even want to have a rematch with your opponent. Some also combine it with EZ, as above. 


    This one is quite a bit milder, meaning “good game, well played.” However, it can also be used sarcastically in certain contexts if a game had an especially easy win. And if you use it with the other abbreviations above, the sarcasm will practically be tangible. 

    To Use Or Not To Use GG

    So with all this being said, you might be wondering whether or not you should use GG yourself when playing games or otherwise. In all actuality, it really depends on the context you’re using it in. 

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    If you’re saying it after a game and you want to show respect, most of the time other players won’t bat an eye at the singular use of GG. But if you say it before a game has started, or in a condescending way, you should probably prepare for some backlash. 

    Most of the time, though, people will understand its usage as a joke and won’t truly get angry. So, in the end, it’s up to you when and how you want to use GG. And if you do want to make your opponents a little peeved, well, now you know how.