Netflix has become the leading “go-to” site for streaming television and movies, and in recognition that children are also using the platform, there is also a separate children’s section with kid-friendly content.

But that doesn’t stop tech-savvy kids from clicking on the adult section and getting full access to violent movies or movies with sexual scenes. The last thing you need is to come home from work and find your kid watching “Kill Bill”. This is why you need to turn on the built-in parental control settings.

What Are The Parental Control Settings In Netflix?

Without parental control switched on, anyone can access a Netflix account if they know the password to that account. They then have unlimited access to whatever that Netflix account is offering in terms of movies and television programming.

When you add parental control, you are saying that in order to access certain media, anyone else with access to your account (such as your kids) must input a four digit PIN to verify they have permission to watch that movie or show.

Every programme and movie on Netflix has a “maturity rating” (similar to age certificates in movie theaters). If you are the owner of the Netflix account, you can specify at what point in those ratings that the parental controls kick in and the PIN is required to go any further.

How To Switch On Parental Control

First of all, you need a PIN that your kids are not going to figure out. So don’t get cute and do birthdays or 1234, or 7890 or anything else like that.

When you have a good four digit PIN, go here and you will see this screen.

Now enter your account password to proceed to the PIN page. If your kids know the account password, it is time to change it and not tell them the new one. Otherwise they can access the PIN page and disable it.

As you can see on this next screen, the settings are very straightforward.

Before anyone says anything, my PIN is not 1234. I simply typed that there to obscure my real PIN. But on your screen, add your desired PIN in those four boxes and click “Save”.

But wait, we’re not finished. You now have to decide on when the PIN is needed. At what point in the “maturity level” does the PIN need to be entered? When someone tries to access only adult material? Or “older teens”? That is a judgement call only you can make depending on your own personal circumstances, such as the age of your kids.

By default, the level is set to “Adults” but if you want to scale it back further, just click on the level you want. So if you want the PIN to start at say “teens”, click on “teens”. It will go from green to grey.

Restrict Specific Titles

Instead of an all-or-nothing approach, you can instead specify particular movie and show titles that should be restricted.

So if you decide that the PIN should only apply to SpongeBob SquarePants because your kid will be traumatized for life watching it, you can just block that.

Go to the “Restrict Specific Titles” section at the bottom of the page and start typing in the name of the movie or show you want to block. It will only show if it is currently being offered by Netflix in your country.

Remember to click the Save button again at the top.

Now Try It Out

Now go to something which will hit the maturity level you specified, or something on your Restricted list. You will see that if you try to access it, it will now ask you for the PIN.