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Buying electronics can be a very expensive endeavor, especially if you prefer to stick to new products.

Getting a good deal can feel impossible sometimes, but if you know where to shop online shopping sites for cheap electronics, you can get some amazing deals that you’ve never imagined.

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    The following are 10 of the best online shopping sites where you can find electronics cheaper than anywhere you may shop in person.


    You may be surprised to see Amazon in a list of online shopping sites for cheap electronics. But if you’re a frequent Amazon shopper, then you’re probably already fully aware of the amazing deals on electronics that you can find there, if you know where to look.

    If you only superficially browse the Electronics section of Amazon, you’d think that all you can find there are brand new products at roughly retail prices.

    Amazon image

    But the reality is that there are a couple of interesting ways you can find unbelievable deals on those same products.

    The first is to scroll down the left navigation pane until you find the Condition section. Under here, selecting either Used or Renewed will bring you to the same electronics but at much cheaper prices.

    Amazon image 2

    The second method is to select one of the new items that you’re interested in. As you scroll down the item page, you’ll see a Used & new link where you can find the same product at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

    Amazon image 3

    Many of these “used” products are listed in new or almost new condition. Many of them are also Prime certified and include free shipping.

    Another approach is to search Amazon for that product, but add the word “renewed” at the end. You’ll see those products listed at anything from 50% down to even 25% of the cost of buying it brand new.

    Amazon image 4

    What is Amazon “renewed”? It’s Amazon’s term for refurbished items. These are usually returned items that have been fully repaired, cleaned up, and look and perform just like new. They often even include a short term warranty through Amazon.

    These products will arrive in a plain box rather than in the retail box, and include basic accessories. However, just reading the reviews for these items you’ll see that many buyers have been thrilled at the quality of these items. 

    The “renewed” deals you can find on Amazon are nothing short of amazing.


    eBay is a well-known name in the world of used products, but in recent years more and more retailers of new electronics have established stores on the platform.

    The first place to look for the best deals on eBay is by clicking on the Deals link at the top of the main page. The featured deals page is filled with all kinds of exciting deals – anything ranging from 40% up to 75% off retail prices on new products.

    eBay image

    When you select the Electronics top level category in the left menu on the main page, you’ll usually see a link to the best deals in a banner at the top of the category page.

    eBay image 2

    Further down the page, you’ll see all of the categories. One of those categories is Certified Refurbished

    Select this to browse all of the refurbished electronics you can buy at similar prices as you’d find in the list of Amazon “renewed” products.

    eBay image 3

    In these listings, you’ll find some of the hottest electronics at rock-bottom prices. $820 laptops for $599.99. $1,160 camera lenses for $599. And much more.

    eBay image 4

    Best Buy

    Best Buy is another large retailer that deserves to be on this list. Facing stiff competition from sites like Amazon, Best Buy instituted a Price Match guarantee.

    All you have to do is take the listing for a product with the same brand, model number, and color to your store (or online!), and Best Buy will match the price.

    This doesn’t exactly get you a better price, but it does give you peace of mind knowing that you can go into the actual store to test drive a product, and still get a price that’s as good as the one you found online.

    Another reason to look for cheap electronics at the Best Buy site are the Top Deals and Deal of the Day links at the top of the main page.

    Best Buy image

    Some of these are smaller deals of 10% to 20% off, but often you’ll find some pretty significant deals like hundreds of dollars off the price of a laptop or a tablet.

    Another good place to find cheap electronics on the Best Buy site is on the individual item pages. Look closely under the bold price and you will likely see an alternative price next to Open-Box.

    Best Buy image 2

    This price is often even lower than any discounted sales price that’s currently active on that product. You may not get the original box or a device in mint, unused condition, but it will be almost new and for a price far below what you’d pay for new.

    Another section to check out is by selecting the Deal menu item on the main page, and selecting Best Buy Outlet from the dropdown menu.

    Best Buy image 3

    This is where you’ll see a collection of just about every single deal throughout the site. They’re organized by open-box, discount, and best of all refurbished items.

    In fact, if you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you’ll see a section describing Refurbished items, and a Shop refurbished link below it. 

    Best Buy image 4

    Refurbished electronics are some of the best deals you’ll find on the latest, top-of-the-line electronics that you could never afford new.

    Best Buy image 5

    These are products that have been repaired and certified by the Geek Squad as in like-new and working condition. Many of these are only available for local pickup, so make sure you read the fine print before you buy!

    Micro Center

    When you shop Micro Center, you’ll find that most of the products listed have some sort of discount off retail price.

    Micro Center image

    In many cases that discount is pretty significant. But if you want even steeper discounts, explore the left navigation menu for three links:

    • Refurbished Deals: Like-new, repaired items across all of the site’s categories.
    • Clearance: Includes both closeouts and open box items.
    • Hot Ad Deals: These are short-term doorbuster deals throughout the site.
    Micro Center image 2

    To save a few extra bucks, don’t forget to select the Rebate Center link in the footer of the site. This is where you’ll find manufacturer rebates that can save you even more on select electronics.


    Newegg is a well-known source of all sorts of products, not only cheap electronics. However, the product deals are plentiful there. 

    You don’t have to look far either. Right on the main page you’ll see a section for Today’s Best Deals

    Newegg image

    Some of these deals are remarkable, with markdowns off retail as much as 75% off or more. Just select See All Deals under this section to see all of the current deals that are available.

    Another opportunity to find cheap electronics while you’re browsing products on the site is to look for a Used price under any of the products.

    Newegg image 2

    This is an opportunity to buy the same product from people selling slightly used version at a steeply discounted price. Just select View Details to learn more.

    Also, while you’re browsing categories, you’ll notice in the left navigation pane, under the Condition section, there are checkboxes for Refurbished, Used, or Open Box.

    Newegg image 3

    Refurbished in particular provides a really good opportunity to get expensive electronics very cheaply from one of the Newegg reseller partner companies. 


    TechBargains is a bit of a unique site to find cheap electronics in that it isn’t strictly a retailer site. It’s run more like a blog, with an entire team of “BargainMeisters” who constantly search for the best deals on gadgets and electronics. They use a very large team on-staff, but also take input and feedback from their user base as well. 

    Following the blog-like theme, the main page lists the main updates of newly found deals under Latest Deals. However, along the right navigation pane you’ll also find Trending Deals and special events like Cyber Monday.

    TechBargains image

    If you click on any category, like Electronics, you don’t have to hunt around for the deals, because every single item posted on this site is a special, discounted deal.

    TechBargains image 2

    Be sure to check out the special event listings, like Cyber Monday, because these are often larger posts with a long list of deals listed out in each update.

    TechBargains image 3

    If you find yourself looking for discounted and clearance electronics often, TechBargains is one site you should bookmark immediately.


    There isn’t a Fry’s location in as many areas of the country as there are Best Buys, but if you live near a Fry’s then you know just how often you can find some amazing deals there. The Fry’s website is no exception. 

    On the main page you’ll see sections like Daily Deals, Weekly Deals, and Shop Today’s Deals

    Fry’s image

    Most of these discounts are remarkable; sometimes up to 50% off retail price or more.

    If you scroll to the bottom of the page and select Fry’s Deals in the footer, you’ll see a page that includes ad listings for deals across major categories like audio, cameras, televisions, and more.

    Fry’s image 2

    Another easy way to quickly find cheap electronics on the site is to pick any category you’re interested in. Then, under All Items in the left navigation pane, check the box for Clearance Items.

    Fry’s image 3

    This will filter out all of the listings except for those electronics that are available at clearance prices.


    If you’ve ever purchased electronics for your company, you’ve probably heard of TigerDirect. It’s a site used by most businesses to order their printers, laptops, and more. You can also shop TigerDirect for steeply discounted electronics.

    These deals start right on the main page, under the Featured Deals section.

    TigerDirect image

    Some of these are remarkable discounts of 60% to 70% off retail.

    There aren’t any refurbished or open box items to be found at TigerDirect, but if you select Daily Deal Slasher at the top of the page, you’ll see very short term deals you can grab.

    TigerDirect image 2

    These are so short term that you’ll see a timer counting down beside the deal. If you check back daily, you’re likely to catch discounts that you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.


    The SlickDeals website is a little different than any of the others listed here. Instead of providing its own products, SlickDeals aggregates the best deals from around the internet into a single website.

    You’ll see featured deals on the main page, pulled in from major online retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and more.

    SlickDeals image

    On top of these aggregated deals, at the bottom of the page you’ll see a section for Coupons & Discounts that will offer you some extra savings on top of the regular deals you’ll find.

    SlickDeals image 2

    Individual item pages will give you the discounted price and other details about the deal. When you select the See Deal button, it’ll take you to the retailer’s website. 

    It’s an affiliate link for SlickDeals, but if you want to support an aggregate site that provides you these deals in one place, it’s a great site to support.


    The final listing of the best online shopping sites for cheap electronics is BuyDig. This is another direct retailer of electronics, but it also offers up some pretty good savings on brand new electronics. 

    Right on the main page you’ll see a frequently updated section called This Week’s Deals.

    BuyDig image

    In the footer, under Explore, select Coupons to see a list of the current coupon codes you can use to get cash back on prices or save on shipping.

    BuyDig image 2

    While you won’t find refurbished items here, you can get open box items. To find these, just browse any category, and select Open Box under Product Condition in the left navigation pane. 

    BuyDig image 3

    Most of these open box deals offer steep discounts off retail prices, and it’s a great way to grab expensive electronics you normally may not be able to afford.