How to Move or Change the Location of My Documents Folder

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By default, the My Documents folder is located in Windows XP and Windows Vista is located on the same drive or partition as the operating system. This is fine for […]

How to Fix Svchost.exe High CPU Usage

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SVCHOST.EXE is one of those mysterious processes that constantly runs in Windows and is utterly essential, yet you never know exactly what it is doing. So what is SVCHOST.EXE? Identifying […]

How to Fix Window Media Player "Cannot Play This DVD" Error Message

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Isn’t it great how even in our modern computer age with Windows 7 and Windows 8, you can still receive an error like “Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because there […]

How to Find the Name or Title of a Song by Lyrics

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Heard a song on the radio recently and can’t remember the name of it? This happens to me all the time because even though I wait, half the time no […]

How to Create, Mount, and Burn ISO Image Files for Free

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Most online tutorials that I have found describing the process of creating, burning, and mounting ISO image files are written separately or are only about doing one process, so this […]

How to Disable Settings, Services, and Programs in Windows 7/8.1

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Even though most people never change the settings on their computers, there are some situations where it’s very useful to be able to turn off or disable a certain program, […]

How to Automatically Remove Unwanted Pre-Installed Software from Your Computer

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So you just bought a new computer and can’t wait to start using it right? So you fire up that bad boy eagerly awaiting the cool new features and instantaneous […]

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Files

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If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably deleted something important on your computer that you need to recover ASAP! Hopefully, the files or folders that are now gone were deleted […]

Free Up Disk Space using TreeSize

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Trying to figure out where all of your hard drive space has disappeared to is often quite a challenge in Windows with all of the hidden folders and temp directories! […]

How to Insert a YouTube Video into a PowerPoint Presentation

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If you’re trying to get a YouTube video into your PowerPoint presentation, there are a couple of ways you can do it. The easiest method is to simply copy the […]