Remove Shortcut Arrows from Desktop Icons in Windows

by File in: Windows Vista

In all versions of Windows, whenever you place a shortcut on the desktop, it will overlay an arrow in the bottom left-hand corner as a visual sign that it’s a […]

How to Kill or Close All Running Programs in Windows Quickly

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Looking for a free Windows utility that you can use to quickly close all programs currently running in Windows? This can be quite useful, for example, when you have to shutdown […]

How to Create Microsoft Outlook Shortcuts for Email and Tasks

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Here’s a quick guide on how to create your own Outlook shortcuts (not Outlook keyboard shortcuts) on the desktop or Quick Launch bar so that you can easily create a […]

Send Free Text Messages to Cell Phones from Your PC

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Have you noticed that when you try to use some of those free SMS online services, half the time they don’t work? Well, most of them never worked for me when all […]

How to Automatically Move or Copy Files in Windows

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I’ve always wished Windows would come with features to automatically organize my files: automatically move or copy files based on the file name, size, extension, etc. Unfortunately, we have to […]

How to Fix Access is Denied, File May Be In Use, or Sharing Violation Errors in Windows

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Ever try to delete a file and get an Access is Denied error? Or maybe you’re trying to copy or move a file or folder and you get a message […]

How to Hide a Drive in Windows Explorer

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You’ve probably read a bunch of posts on how to create hidden folders, secure folders, locked folders, etc, in Windows on many occasions! Heck, one of the most popular articles […]

How to Change the Last Modified Date, Creation Date, and Last Accessed Date for Files and Folders

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It’s amazing how many times you will find yourself in a situation where you have to change or modify the dates for a file or folder, such as the creation […]

Fix "There are no Active Mixer Devices Available" Error in Windows

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I recently worked on a client’s computer that was giving him the error “no active mixer devices available” whenever he clicked on the volume icon in the taskbar. This problem came […]

How to Save Your Desktop Icon Layout in Windows XP, 7, 8

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This post was born from the fact that I really enjoy customizing the layout of the icons on my desktop, such as placing system icons at the top left, moving all […]