Use Windows Defender Offline Tool to Fix an Infected PC

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I had a client the other day whose PC was practically dead because they clicked on one of those pop up ads while on some sketchy website. Something got downloaded and their computer was infected with malware and wouldn’t load properly. When trying to log into Windows, they kept getting some error like the one […]

Fix Delay When Typing in Windows

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I recently ran into a very annoying problem while using Microsoft Word on my Windows machine. Firstly, it’s a fairly fast machine and so I kind of knew it was not a hardware issue when I saw there was a delay between typing characters on the keyboard and the characters showing up on the screen. Sometimes […]

Enhance Windows Right-Click Function

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The right-click mouse function offers a ton of convenience, and we often use right-click for several tasks; but because this is such a core feature of Windows, we often overlook how much simpler this function makes everyday tasks. This is not the easy button, this is the easy button. The right-click or secondary click option […]

Automatically Activate Windows 7 and Microsoft Office From a Clean Install

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The Windows activation process is usually quite simple… with the first Windows activation. Simply enter your product activation key, let Windows register the key, and you’re set to go. However, if you reinstall Windows several times… subsequent Windows activations can be a pain in the ***. In today’s post, we will review how you can […]

Build Your Own Personal Cloud Storage Server

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We commonly post about Dropbox and other popular cloud services which seem to be all the hype as of recently. This is quite understandable, as cloud services are undeniably convenient. Not only do they allow us to push our favorite content to the multiple devices that we use, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets, but […]

What Type of Data Do Websites Collect About You

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Since the birth of the internet, website analytics and tracking software has constantly evolved and gotten more complex. Used mainly for business and marketing, most data collection software can account various details about a visitor whenever the website is visited. In today’s post, we will review some common items that many of the net’s most […]

How to Transfer Emails Between Two Gmail Accounts

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Recently, a friend of mine created a new Gmail account that included her full name instead of a generic screen name she had been using for the last several years. She called me up and asked me how she could move emails from one Gmail account to another. After fiddling around with it a bit, […]

Fix External Hard Drive Not Recognized in Windows

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One of the more helpful articles that we’ve posted is How to fix USB device not recognized in Windows. That post revolves around a very simple yet unorthodox solution for nearly any USB device that is not detected by Windows. In today’s post, we will help troubleshoot, more specifically, external hard drives. If your Windows […]

Windows Asks to Format Your USB Drive or SD Card When Connected?

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So here’s a really annoying problem: you connect a USB drive or USB SD card reader to your PC and Windows tells you it needs to format the drive in order to use it properly! The only issue is that you didn’t have this problem two days ago and everything connected just fine! So what’s the solution? […]

Fix “Security Code Invalid” Error in iTunes

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Recently, my wife was trying to buy something on iTunes from her iPhone and she was asked to verify the billing information. When she tried to enter the security code on the back of the credit card, she would just keep getting “Security Code Invalid” even though it was perfectly correct. The odd thing was […]