3 Ways to Unlock a Protected Excel File

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Most people protect their Excel files before sharing them—especially if the file is a form. While protecting the file keeps other people from altering the spreadsheet’s calculations, if the calculations are wrong, the other person has no way to correct them without the file creator’s password. Plus, such passwords are easily forgotten by the file’s […]

Fix Mac Safari YouTube Black Screen Blank Players

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A common issue with Mac computers and the Safari Internet browser is that sometimes YouTube videos display incorrectly: just a black screen or a black player window. Luckily, if YouTube videos aren’t loading correctly for you, the solution is quite easy. These next two steps should get you on your way to watching videos again in […]

How to Alphabetize in Word and Excel

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One common question I get from readers of my blogs is on how to alphabetize a list in Word or in Excel. Suppose you have a list of items and you want to quickly sort them in ascending or descending order. Luckily, it’s really easy in both Word and Excel! Sorting in Excel is a […]

Windows 7 RAM Requirements – How Much Memory Do I Need?

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Veteran computer users, or anyone that has owned PCs for several years now, may remember when 1GB of RAM was considered a lot. Not so long ago, a 1GB memory module could cost up to $100. Now, 1GB of RAM is considered low, and most desktop and laptop computers come stock with at least 2 […]

Enable Integration Features for an XP Mode Virtual Machine

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Available in Windows 7 Professional, XP Mode allows you to integrate your physical computer’s resources with a Virtual Machine. Components you can share include drives, audio, printers, Clipboard, and smart cards. Learn how to enable and use the integration features of an XP Mode Virtual Machine. Why Enable XP Mode Integration? An XP Mode Virtual […]

How to Stream Netflix to Your TV

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Everybody I know pretty much has a Netflix account. It’s pretty ridiculous if you don’t! For a small monthly fee, you get access to tons of streaming movies/TV Shows, plus you can get all the new movies via DVD or Blu-ray. Anyway, the point is not to praise Netflix, but to teach you how to […]

Make One Page Landscape in Word

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Recently, I was writing a Word document and I came across an interesting problem! I had about 20 pages in the Word doc, but I needed only one of them to be in Landscape orientation! Even though I’ve been using Word for 10+ years, I never ran into this situation before. After playing around with […]

Setup Surround Sound in Windows

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Buying speakers and a good sound card is the first step to getting surround sound from your Windows PC. However, even after you place your speakers and install the drivers, you still need to setup your surround sound system. Learn how to set up a surround sound system in Windows. Surround Sound and Windows It […]

Fix Media is Write Protected in Windows 7

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Over the years, one annoying and hard to fix problem I’ve come across in Windows XP, Vista and 7 is the media write protected error. You’ll be going about your day just fine when all of a sudden you can’t write any files to your local hard drive, an external drive, a USB drive, or […]

Repair/Fix Corrupt JPG/JPEG Files

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Recently, I was working with a client that had accidentally deleted a bunch of photos from his computer. He asked me to recover them for him. I used some file recovery/un-erase software and was able to get all of the pictures back. However, once the JPEG files were recovered, they were corrupt! For whatever reason, […]