Run a Program in Compatibility Mode in Windows 8

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As with other versions of Windows prior to Windows 8, you can run a program in compatibility mode in order to run older programs that were written for older versions of Windows in Windows 8. In Windows 8, there is also a new tool called the Compatibility Troubleshooter, which walks you through getting an older […]

How to Check Your Hard Drive for Errors

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Do you think your hard drive is about to fail? Can you hear strange clicking sounds coming from your hard drive? Has your computer been randomly freezing and you’re pretty sure you don’t have a virus or other hardware problem? It’s definitely not fun to suspect your hard drive might be failing soon, but it […]

Share Amazon Prime Benefits with Friends and Family

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Amazon Prime is one of those incredibly useful features of Amazon that makes it so easy to keep buying stuff from their site. I realized after using Amazon for years to buy stuff that I would recoup the $99 cost in no time. Of all the stuff that I buy, 80% is ordered online and […]

View Your Google Maps Search History

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I recently discovered something cool about Google Maps that I didn’t know existed. A few weeks back, I had searched for a local restaurant that a friend told me about and now that I had some free time to go check it out, I could not remember the name of the place! Since I didn’t […]

Remotely Access a PC or Mac from a Smartphone or Tablet

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Being able to access the files on your PC or Mac from your smartphone is ultra convenient, as you likely store significantly more files and data on your computer, than you do your phone. Your computer is likely the main hub for your photos, videos, media, business data and more. One of the more popular […]

How to Read and Open POT .PO .MO Extension Files

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Trying to open, view or edit certain file extensions in Windows isn’t always the smoothest process. Windows, by default, supports numerous extensions including all of the MS Office formats. However, there may be some additional steps required to open other file types, such as POT .PO and .MO. POT, .PO and .MO files are common […]

Windows 8 – Change Startup Programs

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To change the startup programs in Windows XP and Windows 7, you had to open the System Configuration utility by clicking on Start, then typing in MSCONFIG. Clicking on the Startup tab showed you all of the startup items and you simply unchecked the ones you didn’t want to load when Windows boots. In Windows […]

5 Ways to Secure Your Data and Information

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As more and more of your data is stored digitally on computers and servers all over the world, the more important it is to keep as much of that data locked down. Hackers are stealing credit card numbers and bank account numbers on a daily basis and stealing someone’s identity is about as easy as […]

How to Delete Messages on Facebook for Good

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Hmm, so you sent an inappropriate message to someone on Facebook two years ago and now it’s coming back to haunt you? Well, that’s Facebook! They will keep every last detail you ever click on or type into their website. Since the launch of messages on Facebook, you can view your chat/message history all the […]

Troubleshoot Adobe Flash Player Has Stopped Working

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Upon upgrading to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on my windows computer, Flash Player has been crashing randomly, but more so when I use a web browser. Each time it crashes, an error prompt appears with an Adobe Flash Player has stopped working message. This is quite annoying, but it’s not too difficult to […]