What’s the Difference Between a Virus, a Trojan, a Worm, and a Rootkit?

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Pretty much everyone has heard of the terms spyware, malware, virus, trojan horse, computer worm, rootkit, etc, etc, but do you really know the difference between each of them? I was trying to explain the difference to someone and got a little confused myself. With so many types of threats out there, it’s hard to […]

How to Get Your Antivirus and Gaming PC to Play Nicely Together

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I recently installed Call of Duty 4 on my Mac and was pretty annoyed at how choppy the game play was. Granted, I have a 2009 MacBook Pro, but I checked all the system requirements and the system should easily be able to handle the game and graphics. After a bit of fooling around, I […]

Why Does Windows Have More Viruses Than Linux and OS X?

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I’m writing this post because I recently overheard a conversation between two friends where one recommended that the friend switch from Windows to Mac or Linux because the latter operating systems are virus-proof and never get malware or rootkits. Uhhh, wrong. Totally wrong. Unfortunately, there are many people who believe this and think buying a […]

5 Old School Gaming Systems You Can Still Buy

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Even though I love my Xbox and Playstation, I still feel a pang of nostalgia when I think about my Nintendo Game Boy or my Nintendo NES system or my Sega Genesis. Those were classic consoles when I was growing up. And if you happened to be born a couple of years before 1980, you […]

5 Awesome Gadgets from Kickstarter Worth Buying

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I’m a huge fan of Kickstarter and it’s now the defacto place for me to go when buying new and innovative tech gadgets. I’ve backed over 60 projects and even though I haven’t loved or used everything I’ve gotten from the site, the gadgets that I do use, I use all the time now. If […]

Prevent Google Chrome from Opening PDF Files in the Browser

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I’ve been working on a project lately where I have to download a lot of PDFs from a website and then go through each of them and highlight text, add comments, etc. In Google Chrome, whenever I click on a link to a PDF file, it just opens the file inside the browser window. This […]

5 Tasks That Should Have Been Simpler in Windows 8

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I’ve been using Windows 8 for a while now and even though I like using it, there are still some really annoying aspects of the OS that I just don’t get. For instance, why is it so hard to do things that used to be so easy? Restart your computer? Print from a Windows app? […]

7 Ways to Child Proof a Computer

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I have an 8 year old daughter and I have realized the importance of child-proofing my computer! The second I turn around, she runs to my desk, jumps on the chair and starts banging away at the keys. If the computer is already on, she has figured out how to open the web browser and […]

Is Your PC Ready for Windows 8?

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Windows 8 was officially released yesterday and it’s now time to decide whether you want to upgrade or not. If you have decided to upgrade a Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 machine to Windows 8, you probably want to make sure your system can support Windows 8 before you buy the upgrade. To […]

What are PC Drivers and Why Do You Need Them?

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Your computer contains all kinds of hardware, such as disk drives, DVD/CD-ROM drives, network adapters, and sound and video cards, as well as external devices, such as printers, keyboards, monitors, and USB drives. When you install an operating system (OS), such as Windows or Linux, that OS needs to be able to talk to the […]