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3 Apps to Remotely View Webcam on iPad/iPhone

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I have a 2 year old child and I also happen to have a computer in pretty much every room in my house. When I need to do something in […]

Compare Two Excel Files using SpreadSheet Compare

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Office 2013 Professional Plus has a couple of new features including a new program called Spreadsheet Compare. Spreadsheet Compare takes two Excel files and tell you the difference between them […]

Save MS Office Files to Local PC Instead of OneDrive

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In the desktop version of Office and in Office 365, if you are logged in using your Microsoft account, it will try to save the file to your OneDrive account […]

Remove Programs from the All Apps Screen in Windows 8

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One annoying feature I have noticed in Windows 8 is that when you install a new program, the All apps screen ends up getting cluttered with a bunch of useless […]

The Best Websites for Buying Computer Parts Online

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Got an old laptop or desktop and want to upgrade the hard drive and memory without having to buy a new computer? Or maybe you’re getting rid of an old […]

Automatically Login to Windows 8 with Microsoft or Local Account

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With Windows 8, there are now two ways to log into your computer: via a Microsoft account that syncs your settings and apps across Windows 8 PCs and via a […]

Change Default Web Browser in Windows 8

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Windows 8 comes with two flavors of Internet Explorer 10, one for the Metro UI and one for the desktop. If you don’t care to deal with either version, then […]

Check the Age of a Website

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So someone asked me the other day how old a website was that he had seen the other day and I immediately asked what he meant by “age”. If you […]

Boot Windows 8/10 into Safe Mode

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We all have gotten accustomed to pressing either F2 or F8 to get the advanced boot options since Windows 2000, probably even before that. In every version of Windows, you […]

Should You Shutdown Your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad at Night?

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Should you shutdown your electronic devices at night? I get this question asked all the time and the answer varies depending on the device and the person. There are times […]