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IE 11 Not Remembering Passwords?

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I ran into an annoying problem the other day where Internet Explorer would not remember a password when I was logging into a site. I don’t really remember when it […]

8 Windows 10 Task Manager Tips

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As I mentioned previously in an article comparing Windows 7 to Windows 10, the Task Manager has been completely redesigned. It’s now a lot simpler to use by default, but […]

5 Programs to Turn Your PC into a Streaming Media Center

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After I bought my iPad, I realized I don’t really use my laptop as much anymore. This means that I really use my desktop a lot a less! Unfortunately, my […]

OTT Guide to Troubleshooting Printer Problems

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Printer problems can be extremely annoying and frustrating. One of my friends just posted a status that sums it up pretty well, “We can send someone to space, robots to […]

Thumbnail Previews Not Showing in Windows 8/10 Explorer?

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I installed Windows 8 on my home desktop a few weeks back and so far haven’t really had any problems. However, one odd thing that I noticed was that whenever […]

OTT Guide To Repairing Your Own Computer Instead of GeekSquad

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So I recently had a friend come over to my place and ask me if I could take a look at his computer because it suddenly started giving him an […]

OTT Explains – What File Format is Best for USB Drives?

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I was recently asked by a friend what the best file format would be formatting his USB drive. When I started to explain it, I realized that it wasn’t actually […]

Best Windows (Alternative) Shell Replacement Programs

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Looking for some good desktop/shell replacement programs for Windows? For those of you who feel the need, the need to customize, an alternative shell to the Windows shell is one […]

The Online Tech Tips Guide to Chkdsk in Windows 10

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Chkdsk has been one of those great little tools built into just about every version of Windows that help fix NTFS file system errors, corruption in file system metadata, or […]

Fix Back Button Not Working in Internet Explorer

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I recently ran into a very odd problem on one of my Windows machines where the Back button in Internet Explorer stopped working! I would press back and nothing would […]