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What is Google Toolbar Notifier and How to Get Rid of It

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I used to use Google Toolbar with Firefox and Internet Explorer because it had some useful features that I used on a regular basis and it kept me connected to […]

How to Repair and Fix Winsock Error in Windows

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Winsock is a specification that is used in Windows to determine how network applications communicate with network services, such as TCP/IP. It basically defines how two network programs will communicate […]

Fix Microsoft Outlook has Encountered a Problem Error

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One of Microsoft’s favorite error messages is “Program X has encountered a problem and needs to close”. You’ll get this message from pretty much any Microsoft product, including Microsoft Office, […]

Fix for Cannont Empty the Clipboard in Office

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Have you ever tried to copy some cells in Excel and gotten the Cannot empty the clipboard error message? I was recently the victim of this annoying error, which would pop up […]

How to Fix "Missing or corrupt NTFS.sys" Error in Windows XP

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One of my Windows XP computers at home crashed today with the error “Missing or corrupt Ntfs.sys” and would not get past the initial BIOS screen. I eventually got it […]

How to Fix "Host process for windows services stopped working and was closed"

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Don’t you just love cryptic Windows errors? In this post, I’ll be going through some steps you can take to fix the “Host process for windows services stopped working and […]

How to Fix Slow Outlook Loading Problem

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Is Microsoft Outlook running super slow? Still have the loading dataset message showing up for you? I just love it when Microsoft tries to make their software better by adding a bunch of […]

How to Fix Microsoft Windows Search Indexer Stopped Working and Was Closed

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Being the computer guy in my family, I perform all the technical support tasks and sometimes run into strange issues that I decide to write about. Of course with Windows, […]

Tweak Windows XP Settings with TweakUI

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Since I previously wrote a post on how to tweak Windows Vista, I thought I would throw in some power toys for the Windows XP users. Windows XP is not […]

How to Block Internet Web Sites with Free Parental Control Software

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Are you on the lookout for free web filtering and parental control software that you can use on a home or school computer to block access to porn, gambling, social […]