The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a powerful smartwatch that connects to your iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth. With an intuitive watch screen, you can connect to Wi-Fi, track your heart rate, and use Bixby or Google Assistant to customize your phone.

But what happens if you can’t restart your Samsung Galaxy watch? Look no further. In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to turn your Samsung Galaxy Watch on or off.

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    How to Turn On Samsung Galaxy Watch

    If you’ve just purchased your watch, you’ll have to turn it on when you take it out of the box. To do so:

    1. Press and hold the Home key for a few seconds. On Galaxy Watch 3 and earlier, this is the button that’s lower down. On Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, and newer models that use Wear OS 3 software, the button is higher up on the side.
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    1. Wait for the device to turn on.

    Note: If it doesn’t boot up, you might need to charge the battery with a charger. Samsung watches have a great battery life, but if you’ve just purchased one, it might need charging. While it’s turning on, don’t forget to download the Galaxy Wearable app for your Android phone or iOS device from the Google Play Store or App Store.

    How to Turn Off a Samsung Galaxy Watch

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    To turn off your Galaxy watch, press and hold the Home key for a few seconds, then tap Power off. You can also drag down from the top of the screen to access the Quick Settings panel. Here, select the Power off icon and confirm your choice.

    How to Reset Your Galaxy Watch

    If your Samsung smartwatch remains unresponsive, you can restart it by pressing and holding the Home button and Back button simultaneously for 7 seconds. The Back key is the only other button on the side of the watch face.

    To factory reset your Galaxy smartwatch, you must access the watch’s settings on your mobile device. To do so, open the Galaxy Wearable app and tap Settings. Then, tap General > Reset. Confirm your choice to factory reset your watch. You may wish to back up your device before doing so.

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    Note: If you cannot turn your Galaxy watch on, you cannot perform a factory reset.

    As Simple As That

    The Galaxy Watch is Samsung’s response to the Apple Watch and Fitbit. It can connect to your smartphone so that you can get notifications, use Galaxy Watch apps via the app screen, and automatically collect information through Samsung Health to track your fitness and activity levels all via the watch face.