If you’ve recently bought the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite console, you might not be a fan of the simple, solid colors. If you’re looking to have a more personalized console that also makes your Switch look unique, there are tons of Nintendo Switch skins out there you can buy to do just that. 

Some brands that make these Switch skins, though, may not use the right adhesive for the Switch. When people were first buying skins for the console, many of them found that the method companies used to stick the skin on would strip the paint off the Switch.

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    Thankfully, though, there are plenty of brands now that use adhesive material that is safe to use on your Switch console. Here are some of the top Nintendo Switch skins you can buy now.

    Controller Gear Super Mario Bros.

    This brand makes skins which are officially licensed by Nintendo, so you know their products will be quality controlled and work well on the Switch. If you’d like your console to rep Nintendo’s most famous franchise, this option gives you 37 different skins to choose from. This includes skins of Mario’s outfit, Mario Kart, Yoshi, Bowser, and many more. 

    You can also remove these Nintendo Switch skins with little to no residue, allowing you to change them out as much as you want. There are even Christmas-themed skin options if you’d like your Switch to match your decor during the holidays. 

    This skin set also comes with a screen protector for your Switch, which you can just as easily stick on.

    Controller Gear Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    This same company also makes a great Switch skin for Zelda fans. It has a very simple design for the screen and joy cons, with some of the beautiful official artwork for the Switch dock. This skin is also licensed by Nintendo, so it’ll for sure be made of quality material and not do any damage to your Switch. 

    If you want a different type of design based around Zelda, this company makes many different ones as well. You can get one based off of Breath of the Wild’s Sheikah Slate, or one themed like the classic NES Legend of Zelda game. Also, all of these skins come with the plastic screen protectors. 

    Controller Gear Pokemon

    Being another one of Nintendo’s most well-known franchises, it should be no surprise that there are tons of Pokemon-themed Nintendo Switch skins. There are 28 different skin sets to choose from under the brand’s Pokemon designs, with art of the starters from the first Pokemon game, as well as many Pikachu skins. 

    There are a mix of simple, patterned designs if you’d like something easy on the eyes, as well as bright and bold artwork if you want something more flashy. 

    Skinit Spider-Man Face

    Another good brand that works well with the Nintendo Switch is Skinit. They have tons of themed skins officially licensed by Marvel, like this Spider-Man Switch skin. These decals use 3M adhesive specifically made for the Switch so that it does not damage the console.

    This design is very clean and simple, with bright colors that will give your Switch much more of a pop. If Marvel isn’t your thing, though, the brand also carries this Batman themed Switch, also officially licensed by Warner Bros. 

    Taifond Galaxy

    If you’re looking for something with lots of color, this galaxy-themed skin design provides some really vibrant decals to use on your Switch. There are also 21 different designs for you to choose from, including some colorful geometric patterns. 

    This set includes skins for every part of the Switch, as well as not only a plastic screen protector but a tempered glass screen cover for added security to your console. The adhesive for this skin is also made with the Switch in mind, so you can easily apply it and remove it without worry about damage or residue. 

    DecalGirl Electrify Ice Blue

    More minimalistic designs are also available for the Switch. This Nintendo Switch skin provides a simple design with rich colors, giving your console a unique watercolor look. These stickers are made so that air bubbles should be prevented, allowing for an easy application process. 

    Since the skin is cut to fit the Switch exactly, you should have no issues with interference of any of the Switch’s wireless capabilities or usage of the buttons. If you happen to apply the skin incorrectly, with these skins your should be able to easily remove and reapply them.

    DecalGirl White Marble 

    If a muted and classy design is more your speed, DecalGirl also makes quality marble-looking skins for your Switch. It covers the Switch’s joy cons, screen front, and dock with extremely easy application. 

    If you like this marble design but would like some more color than just black-and-white, this brand also makes skins with a similar design and some nice, pastel colors. They have the pink Blush Marble skin, as well as a blue Atlantic Marble one. 

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