When the Halloween season comes along, one of the best ways to get immersed in it is by playing an excellent spooky or horror-themed game. Since horror is such a popular genre, there are many great games to pick up around Halloween. Get into the spirit with any of these Halloween video games.

This article lists both scarier horror games as well as some non-violent games. There should be something everyone can enjoy. So check out these seven picks, which we consider the best Halloween video games to celebrate the creepy goodness of the holiday. 

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    Alien: Isolation

    If you’ve watched Alien, you’ll already be familiar with the creature that is the main focus of this game. It’s one of the scarier Halloween video games on this list because you get that sense of being hunted by something. What drives this feeling is that you can’t see the alien itself, but you can use a motion tracker or other means to identify where it is.  

    The game consists of you trying not to be detected by the alien and outsmarting it to progress throughout the game. You’ll meet other enemies, but they can be defeated while the alien cannot. So, go into it with a gameplay strategy in mind. 

    Silent Hill 2

    If you happen to have a PS2 or PS3 around, Silent Hill 2 is one you should have on your Halloween to-play list. Not only is it one of the best horror video games of all time that kicked off the survival horror genre, but it’s one of the best games, period. 

    In this game, you play as James Sunderland as he ventures throughout the town of Silent Hill looking for his wife. You don’t need to play the first game to play this one, as it focuses less on the plot of the first game and more on the backstory of the town itself. If you’re looking for a creepy game based on a story of survival and exploration and less focused on action, Silent Hill 2 is your answer. 

    Luigi’s Mansion 3

    Not a fan of super-scary horror games? Luigi’s Mansion is much more on the fun and spooky side while also just being a great game in its own right. In this game, you play as Luigi of Super Mario Bros. fame as he travels throughout his mansion to get rid of ghosts.

    The game is perfect for people of any age to play on Halloween. Besides the main game mode, you can also try out the ScreamPark mode with eight other players. Here, you can group into teams to compete in mini-game battles. It’s perfect for Halloween get-togethers. 


    Outlast is one of the scarier survival horror games out there. It has jump-scares and edge-of-your-seat action, so you always have to be on guard. The game follows a journalist trying to escape a psychiatric hospital that conducts terrible experiments on patients. Outlast also has a found-footage aspect, which makes the game unique and sets the creepy tone. 

    If you want something slower-paced and story-driven, you can also try Outlast 2, which delves more into the characters and backstory. 

    Pumpkin Jack

    This game is another one that’s more fun than scary but has the perfect Halloween feel. It’s a 3D platformer where you play as Pumpkin Lord Jack. This game is made for Halloween, with spooky creatures and cute but creepy visuals. 

    The game combines both combat and puzzle elements as you journey through the world, as well as exciting platforming gameplay. It’s also a relatively shorter game, so that you can finish it around the Halloween season.

    Friday the 13th: The Game

    Jason Voorhees is one of the most well-known Halloween icons out there, so this is the perfect game to play to get your horror fix. It’s done in the survival horror style and is a multiplayer game where you can play as either Crystal Lake camp counselor or even Jason himself. 

    You can try to survive, escape, or do your best to defeat Jason. If you decide to play as him, you’ll be given lots of abilities and tools to track down your victims. If you’re a fan of this horror film franchise, this game is a must-play.

    Dead by Daylight

    This is another survival horror game similar to the Friday the 13th game, where multiple players control either a killer or their victims. As the killer, you’ll have both advantages and disadvantages in tracking down the other players and can either strike them to kill them or capture them. If you play as the victims, you’ll have to do your best to avoid and escape the killer. 

    One of the best aspects of this game is that it includes characters from many well-known horror franchises, such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Stranger Things, Saw, and more. If you love all things Halloween, definitely give it a try. 

    Best Halloween Video Games

    This is the season to play some of the best Halloween video games out there or try out some of the less scary but still spooky and fun games. Tell us if you have any other games you enjoy playing around Halloween.