It can be hard to cope with self-isolation, especially when you’re not sharing a living space with your partner. Whether you happen to be in a long-distance relationship by choice or by chance, you’re craving for a way to keep things fresh. The good news is, there are many things you can do together on the internet that will help you get to know each other and keep the spark alive. 

We’ve put together the list of the best couple virtual date games online to help you organize a fun date with your partner. 

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    Best Virtual Date Games for Your Next Date

    Online games are a great way to have fun with someone, as well as kill some time between chores. Finding the right virtual date game to play with your partner online can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to start. 

    Try Snap Games & Minis

    If you and your partner both use Snapchat, finding a game to play together on a virtual date is easy. You can play one of the Snap Games on Snapchat. 

    To find the Snap games, open Snapchat, go to the Discover menu and select the Search bar. 

    Scroll down until you see Games & Minis. Minis are game-type little apps that also live inside Snapchat. Most of the Minis and Games are co-op or come with an option to play together with your Snapchat friends. You can invite friends to join the game from within the app, or create a group chat and start the game from inside the chat. 

    If you’re both into survival-style games and cool graphics, give Zombie Rescue Squad a try. What could be more romantic than saving the world together? 

    A good example of a Snap Mini that you can try together is Let’s Do It. It’s less about playing a game and more about spending some quality time together, even if you’re not physically close to each other now. Let’s Do It has a few different categories of activities, from listening to music to cooking.

    Each category also comes with a variety of suggestions. You can pick what exactly you’re going to listen to/cook manually, or by chance. Then share the results with your partner and get them to do it with you. 

    Complete an Online Escape Room Game

    Escape room games are great for people who love solving problems and puzzles. They also have different themes and make your imagination run wild while also challenging your logical abilities. 

    If you haven’t done an escape room together before, it’s a great chance to discover a new fun date activity. For those who already know about this type of game, playing an escape room game online can serve as a source of training for future escape room adventures. 

    Whether you’re into murder mysteries, fantasy, or maybe you and your partner are fans of Minecraft – you’ll find the right game for you on our list of the best online escape room games

    Take a Happy Couple Quiz 

    Happy Couple is an app that can help you find out how well you know each other. The app gives you and your partner short quizzes to answer and see how many of your answers match. 

    Each day you’ll receive 5-question quizzes, where three questions will match with your partner’s quiz and two are random. The questions range from the obvious ones like “how did you meet your partner” to more interesting ones like “how would you prefer to get a message when your partner can’t reach you in person”. All questions have multiple choices with an option to write down your own answer. 

    Taking Happy Couple quizzes can be just a fun little thing to do together on a virtual date night, as well as a cool way to learn new things about each other. 

    Play a Co-op Video Game

    Most multiplayer video games encourage you to compete with other players. For a virtual date night, a co-op video game will be more suitable. Playing on the same team can inspire you to help and support each other, and winning a game together will bring you even closer.

    Portal 2 is a great pick for anyone enjoying puzzles. Make your way through an impossible maze together, cooperate to solve the puzzles and find a way out. 

    Miss the feeling of making food together in the same kitchen? Overcooked 2 is a fun virtual date game to bring back that nostalgic feeling of cooking meals together. Only in this game your character’s life depends on how good you are at preparing meals. 

    For those of you who prefer battle royale games, Fortnite should be the #1 choice of a co-op game to play together. You can pick whether you want to battle zombies together or fight against other online players. 

    What If You’re Not Into Gaming?

    You don’t have to love playing games to organize a great virtual date for your loved one. There are plenty of alternative activities you can do together online. For example, you can watch a movie or a TV show on Netflix together

    If you’re looking for something a little more exotic and less ordinary, take your date on a virtual trek. Thanks to Google’s Street View, you can take your partner to explore new places around the world without leaving your home. Don’t know where to start? Use Google Maps Treks for inspiration. 

    What If You’re Single?

    If you don’t have a partner to go on a virtual date with, you can try your luck finding them on Bumble. The dating app now has new tools that can help you enjoy virtual dating even before you meet your match in person. 

    Bumble’s virtual dating tools include a Virtual Date Badge – for showing to other users you’re happy to video chat, the Question Game – for easy conversation starters, Audio Notes – for recording short audio messages, and expanded Distance Filter – for matching with people who live further than 100 miles away from your location. 

    Make a Plan for a Virtual Date

    Being apart can be hard, no matter how well you know each other and how strong your feelings are. Having a virtual date game night is a great way to take your mind off things and to lift off the pressure of being away from each other. If you didn’t find the right game for you on the list, check out our top picks of two-player games that you can play online

    Have you ever organized a gaming virtual date? What’s your favorite game to play online with your partner? Share your experience with virtual dating in the comments section below.