Reddit is a great place to discover new music. Whether you’re looking for new releases by current artists or you just want to find music that’s new to you, you’ll find what you’re looking for across many subreddits.

We spent some time digging into the music scene on Reddit and found a wide variety of the best music subreddits. We’ve divided our suggestions into two categories: 1) subreddits where you can discover new music from many music genres and 2) subreddits focused on a specific music genre.

Table of Contents

    Best General Music Recommendation Subreddits

    Try these subreddits for music recommendations that span the musical spectrum. 

    1. r/Music

    With 27.7 million members, r/Music is easily the most popular music-related subreddit. To keep the focus on lesser-known artists, you may not post links to music from bands that are in the sub’s Hall of Fame. However, news or discussion posts about those bands are accepted. 

    2. r/IfYouLikeBlank

    While this sub isn’t restricted to music, you can post the bands you like, and this community will recommend other artists and bands you’ll probably enjoy.

    3. r/ListenToThis

    Focused on new and overlooked music, this subreddit will remove posts about bands or artists who are household names or are amateurish.

    4. r/NewMusic

    Subscribers post links to new releases in this sub. Links must be from YouTube, Bandcamp, or SoundCloud, and the song must not be older than two months.

    5. r/VintageObscura

    This sub focuses on obscure music that’s at least 25 years old. Chances are you’ve never heard the songs posted here. 

    6. r/MusicMatch

    Post the music you like and the community will suggest similar artists.

    7. r/MakeMeAPlaylist

    Whether you’re planning a long road trip or a wedding, post a request to this subreddit, and people will create a playlist just for you.

    8. r/MusicSuggestions

    Pretty much anything goes here一requests, suggestions, memes, you name it.

    9. r/SpotifyPlaylists

    Users post their “hottest Spotify playlists” here so you can discover music that’s new to you. Also checkout the sister-sub, r/SpotifyPlaylist (no s), where you can make a playlist request. While you’re at it, learn how to add local files to Spotify.

    10. Music Made By Redditors

    Redditors are a musical bunch. Discover Redditor-made music at r/RadioReddit. Also try r/ThisIsOurMusic, r/TheseAreOurAlbums, and r/ShareYourMusic.

    Genre-Specific Music Subreddits

    Are you a big fan of electronic music? Or perhaps you’re interested in learning more about jazz? Search for a subreddit dedicated to a specific genre of music, and you’re likely to find one. We’ll get you started.

    11. r/Metal

    Affectionately known as Shreddit, this sub will get your head banging. Some bands are blacklisted一not because they don’t like those bands but rather to make room for lesser-known artists. In fact, Fridays are reserved for posts about bands that have fewer than 10k listeners on 

    12. r/ProgMetal

    Fans of progressive metal frequently post links to new releases in this sub. This community group sources a list of the year’s progressive metal album releases and also hosts a weekly music recommendation thread on Mondays. 


    You’ll find posts sharing and discussing rap and hip hop music in this subreddit. Only post links from reputable sources like Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and YouTube. Self-promotion posts are welcome, but make sure you follow Reddit’s self-promotion guidelines.

    14. r/Jazz

    No memes allowed in this subreddit. If you’re new to jazz, you’ll definitely want to check out the New to Jazz and Jazz Essentials posts, linked in the sidebar. You’ll mostly find posts about jazz giants like Miles Davis, Thelonius Monk, and John Coltrane.

    15. r/Country

    Is there a tear in your beer? Do you spend all your time on Old Town Road? Check out this subreddit for music, news, memes and discussion about country music.

    16. r/IndieHeads

    You can post links to songs or videos by Indie bands and artists, but only if they were released less than a week prior to your post. 

    17. r/PopHeads

    If it’s related to pop music, you’ll find it here. This sub is actively moderated, and you can participate in creating weekly Popheads Charts, the Popheads Jukebox, and the Top Ten Pop Ten where users submit their top ten songs for a particular artist.

    18. r/Rock

    If rock and roll is your jam, visit this sub for posts about rock music, including new releases and old favorites. You might also enjoy r/AlternativeRock, r/ClassicRock, and r/ModernRockMusic.

    19. r/IndieRock

    The Indie Rock subreddit wants to help you discover “new (and old) music that seems to fly under the radar.” You’ll find music from artists who haven’t been picked up by the major record labels (yet).

    20. r/ElectronicMusic

    On this subreddit, fans of electronic music post links to songs, videos, and photos. This sub also hosts Ask Me Anything interviews and engages in discussions about every aspect of electronic music. Also check out r/EDM, r/Techno, r/House, and the electronic mixes posted in r/mixes. Beep bloop. 

    21. r/Blues

    This is the main subreddit for fans of blues music, but also try r/BluesMusic and r/BluesGuitarist.

    22. r/ClassicalMusic

    Over a million people read and contribute to this community dedicated to classical music. Don’t miss their wiki, especially the list of other classical music subreddits.

    23. r/Punk

    Much like r/Metal, r/Punk tries to feature new music by limiting posts of songs or albums from bands on its blacklist to one day a week. 

    24. r/R&B

    This is the home of R&B on Reddit. Filter by the “Fresh” flair for recent releases, and don’t forget to also check out r/Funk, and r/Soul.

    25. r/WorldMusic

    It’s not very big, but this subreddit will help you discover music from around the world. You’ll find links to international, traditional, and ethnic music along with music that’s popular in countries you’ve never been to.

    Subreddits Dedicated to Bands and Artists

    Lastly, don’t forget to search for the best music subreddits dedicated to specific performers. You’re sure to find links to recordings you’ve never heard by artists you already love. From r/ToolBand to r/TaylorSwift, your favorite band or singer probably has a whole subreddit of their own.