How to Measure Distance on Google Earth

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Google Earth might be the coolest of all the Google apps. It’s like Google Maps’ younger, more tech-savvy sibling. What other free, open source program gives you the ability to […]

7 Sites to Find Public Domain Stock Footage for Your Video Projects

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Everyone’s heard of stock photo websites where you can find images to use in your projects, both commercial and non-commercial. Did you know that you can also find stock video? […]

How to Get Started with a Raspberry Pi 4

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Congratulations, you have a Raspberry Pi 4! Now what? To get started, you’ll want to install an operating system on your Pi as well as a GUI if you want […]

How to Allow Sharing on Facebook

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Being active on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram can be a rewarding way to stay in touch with friends and acquaintances.  Social media sites are made for sharing, […]

How to Rotate Windows 10 Wallpapers Automatically Via RSS Feed

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It’s trite, but true. The little things in life can bring us outsized joy: a child’s first steps, a perfectly cooked steak, or the sight of a fresh, beautiful image […]

How to Create Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams

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In a previous article, we covered how video conferencing works in Microsoft Teams. Since then, Microsoft has updated Teams with new features, including the long-awaited and much-desired ability to create […]

How to Add Weather to Google Calendar

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Have you ever felt the deep disappointment that comes when your favorite online service is no longer available? Has Google ever wrecked your life by suspending or canceling support for […]

Hinge Dating App Review: Why It’s Better

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When you’re searching for a lost object, it’s always in the last place you look—because then you stop looking. Online dating is just like that. Any online dating app can […]

Microsoft Teams vs. Zoom: Which Is Better?

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With so many video calling software tools now available, two apps have emerged as the leaders of the pack: Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Whether you want to host a business […]

SurveyMonkey vs. Google Forms: Which Is Better?

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When considering which online tool to use for building surveys and collecting responses, both SurveyMonkey and Google Forms have useful features. Both offer free and paid versions and similar methods […]