Time—it’s easily wasted in the pursuit of work or enjoyment. You can track your time with all kinds of applications, from Pomodoro timers to good, old-fashioned sand timers. You might want to track your time to stay productive, to help your kids do their homework, or just as a reminder to check the oven before dinner.

Timers are everywhere, but if you’re looking for a distraction-free, quick timer for your tasks, you could use a free online timer. Thousands of these exist, all with fairly similar features, but with some surprises to help you track your time. If you’re looking for an online timer clock to use, here are a few options for you to try.

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    The Pomodoro free online timer is a classic, designed as a way to clear through tasks in 25-minute cycles, with short breaks afterward. The imaginatively-named Timerdoro uses this approach, giving users a free online timer clock to track time in small, 25-minute slots.

    Alongside the 25-minute Pomodoro timer, you can switch to various other preset options, including 5-minute break timers or 2-minute quick task timers. You can also set your own times, with various audio signals available to alert you when the time is up.

    You can sign up for a free Timerdoro account, allowing you to save your common timers, or use it entirely for free without signing in.


    Another Pomodoro-focused timer, TomatoTimer is a quick and free online timer for you to use for work, school, and more. The 25-minute timer is the default, but you can switch to 10 or 5-minute timers instead, or customize these times in the TomatoTimer settings area.

    TomatoTimer is simple to use, with buttons to start, stop, or reset the timers, and audio alerts once the timer ends. Keyboard shortcuts are also available, too, for a hands-free approach. 

    If you’re using Chrome or Firefox, you can set desktop notifications to alert you when a timer is up, although you can disable browser notifications if these become annoying later. No sign-in is required either, but you can check the TomatoTimer time log for a history of your previous timers, although these won’t save indefinitely.

    Toggl Online Timer

    Toggl is a great time management tool for freelancers and businesses looking to track tasks and work, with mobile apps and extensions to allow you to take your timer anywhere. If you don’t have a Toggl account, however, you can use the Toggl Online Timer in your browser for free.

    If simplicity is what you’re looking for, Toggl Online Timer is all you’re going to need—press Start to start the timer, Pause to pause it, or Reset to reset it. It couldn’t be simpler, as this timer is the kind you’ll want to save to your bookmarks for emergencies.

    Of course, if you like the Toggl experience, you can sign up and take full advantage of its time tracking features for free, although paid subscriptions with additional features are available.


    If you need a free online timer to keep you focused, then the Pomofocus timer could be what you need. It offers 25, 15, and 5-minute timers, including a task timer that lets you create multiple timers for longer projects.

    Pomofocus also offers a personal report, showing your daily, weekly, and monthly hours. If you need desktop notifications, you can enable these when you first start a timer.

    Settings are also available, allowing you to change the preset timer alerts, change sound volumes, as well as switch to a darker mode. If you want to save your settings, you can sign in to Pomofocus using your Google account.

    Timer Tab

    Many of the free online timer sites in this list are stable, long-term sites that do exactly what they say—time you until the timer ends. Timer Tab is no different, but with regular updates, new features, and performance improvements, its a tool that deserves consideration for your quick timer needs.

    Timer Tab is both timer and clock, allowing you to count down with timers that can be hourly, or by the minute or second. You can also set an alarm clock with Timer Tab, giving you an alert when the time is hit.

    If you want to count upwards, Timer Tab’s stopwatch feature is perfect for this, too, allowing you to pause or reset the stopwatch whenever you like, making it a great online timer for kids homework. You can also set custom themes or customize your own themes for the site–all for free. 


    Fast and free, Online-Stopwatch has been around for years, originally as a Flash-based timer for your browser. Remade with HTML5 for a more modern audience, Online-Stopwatch continues to offer different timers for users, including an online timer for kids to use in the classroom.

    You can also use the Online-Stopwatch service to create your own timer, with themes and templates to customize it to suit your own requirements.

    Don’t let its outdated appearance fool you, as Online-Stopwatch is a clear and simple timer that doesn’t try to impress with bells and whistles. If you like the service, you can support its development with a premium subscription.

    Google Timer

    If you’re aiming for simple, you can head straight to Google to set up a quick free online timer in your browser. Open up Google search and type timer to begin. 

    The Google timer appears at the top of the search results, just above Online-Stopwatch (another recommendation in this list). Options to control the free online timer are simple—press Start, Stop, or Reset. You can also switch between Google’s timer mode to go downwards, or switch to the stopwatch mode to count upwards.

    If you’re looking for something simple, this is the only online timer clock that you’ll probably need. Other, more advanced options are available in the search results below the timer (including some of those listed in this list).

    Saving Time Online

    With free online timers like these, you don’t need to pay to keep your timings on track. Whether it’s for work or play, these online timers can help you keep to a schedule or boost your productivity, but they remain simple and free for all types of users. More advanced time-tracking options, like Toggl, are available, however.

    If you’re looking to track your daily tasks, few services can beat Trello or Evernote for freelancers or small businesses, however, with plenty of Trello tips for new and advanced users to try.