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Everyone wants to feel secure in their own home, but not everyone wants to invest in a security system. Maybe you are bound by a renter’s contract to make no permanent changes, or maybe you don’t trust a third party with your home.

Whatever your reasons, there are a lot of options for outdoor Wi-Fi security cameras that give you a real-time view outside the walls of your home any day or night. These are the best picks.

Table of Contents

    These cameras have been evaluated based on price, resolution, night vision, and a host of other features to make sure you get the best bang for your buck—and the best peace of mind.

    1. Nest Outdoor Security Camera

    Nest Outdoor Security Camera image

    Nest has made a name for itself in the smart home industry, and the Nest Cam Outdoor is no exception. The camera has impressive technical specifications and a price tag that, while not cheap, is certainly affordable given the level of quality in its construction.

    • 1080p video at 30 frames/second
    • 130-degree FOV
    • Two-way audio
    • IP66 weather resistance

    The Nest Cam Outdoor has night vision that makes it easy to see all the activity around your home no matter how dark it is. Push notifications alert you whenever motion is detected, and a subscription to Nest Aware gives you extended video playback so you can look back and check on exactly what happened while you were away.

    Although not wireless, the constant power means you never have to worry about the battery going dead. As long as you have an internet speed of at least 2 mbps, you can count on reliable video playback.

    At $199, the Nest Cam might be a bit outside some people’s budget. However, the more cameras you purchase at one time, the greater the savings.

    2. Ring Floodlight Cam

    Ring Floodlight Cam image

    The Ring Floodlight Cam is more than just a security camera; it’s a floodlight, too! Providing the safety that comes only from lighting up half your neighborhood, the Ring Floodlight Cam lets you know when mischief is afoot and shines a spotlight directly on the perpetrator that triggers the camera.

    • 1080p video
    • 140-degree FOV
    • Two-way audio
    • Weather resistant

    The Ring Floodlight Cam is motion activated. Whenever something (or someone) triggers its motion sensor, you’ll receive a push notification on your smartphone or computer. You can open the livestream to check out what’s going on, and the dual ultra-bright LED lights will make sure you can see anything around your yard.

    The Ring is $249, but packs a lot of power into a single camera. While it doesn’t have night vision, it doesn’t need it with the attached floodlights. And like the Nest, the more floodlights you buy, the less cost per unit.

    3. Arlo Pro 2

    Arlo Pro 2 image

    The Arlo Pro 2 sets itself apart from the competition for one primary reason: it can go completely wireless. While you can connect the camera to a power cable for continuous monitoring, the option to set it up as completely wire-free security provides you with flexibility you might not get otherwise.

    • 1080p video
    • 130-degree FOV
    • Two-way audio
    • IP-65

    The Arlo Pro 2 gives you the option to upgrade to a CVR system if you want to keep records of everything the cameras record. You can also set up “activity” zones to monitor specific regions of your home and yard.

    Whenever motion is triggered, the Arlo Pro 2 automatically jumps back three seconds before the trigger so you can always monitor events around your home—but keep in mind that this only works when the Arlo is plugged in and used indoors.

    The Arlo Pro 2 carries one of the highest price tags yet. You can purchase the basic system with a single camera for $299.99, a two-camera system for $479.99, all the way up to a six-camera system for $1099.99.

    4. Logitech Circle 2

    Logitech Circle 2 image

    Logitech is a company that has made a name for itself supplying affordable, quality computer parts to consumers for years. Now the company brings that same philosophy to the Wi-Fi camera market with the Logitech Circle 2, a wires-optional high-resolution security camera.

    • 1080p video
    • 180-degree FOV
    • Two-way audio
    • IP-65

    The Logitech Circle 2 is one of the few cameras to work with Apple’s HomeKit, which makes it a common pick for people immersed in the Apple ecosystem. It also has the widest angle of any of the lenses on this list, which lets you see more with a single camera.

    The Circle app is available on iPhone, Android, and web, so no matter what device you’re using, you can check in on the activity around your home at any time.

    The wired model of the Logitech Circle 2 is $179.99, while the wireless version is $199.99. However, if you buy a combo pack you can get more bang for your buck with some pretty great discounts.

    5. Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

    Nest Cam IQ Outdoor image

    Nest has made its way onto this list a second time, and for good reason. The Nest Cam IQ utilizes features that put it above and beyond the other options on this list. Nest Aware can detect the difference between a person and an animal, and even knows a familiar face from a non-familiar face.

    • 1080p video
    • 130-degree FOV
    • Two-way audio
    • IP-66

    The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor can automatically track motions across its field of view. If a person appears at the side, the camera will focus on them. You can also zoom up to 12x remotely to get a much closer look.

    The one downside to this camera is the price tag. At $349 per camera, it is a pricy investment, but the artificial intelligence augmentations make it one of the best options for home security on the market today.