4 Best Smart Glasses for Your Cyber Gear in 2020

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You probably consider yourself a smart person. You have a smartphone, a smart home, and maybe even a smart car. But do you have smart glasses? Not many people do — at least, not yet.  Smart glasses seem like something you’d see on Tony Stark in an Avengers movie. However, it’s going mainstream and is […]

How to Set Up an E-Commerce Store Quickly and Easily

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Around 40% of purchases are made via online channels. Then a whopping 96% of Americans are shopping online, and another 80% make a digital purchase at least once per month. So if you’re looking for a business to get into, e-commerce should definitely be a top pick.  The only question now is, how do you […]

7 Best Accredited Online Courses To Learn About Computers

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Are you thinking about getting a certificate to help enhance your computer skills? Maybe you’re looking to improve your odds of finding work? Or possibly, land a position with higher pay? One study shows that 60% of IT professionals landed a new job after getting certified. We also find that Microsoft-certified technologists earn 15% more […]

Cheap and Reliable Website Hosting for Small Businesses

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You need a web hosting provider for your website. Does it matter which one you choose? Most definitely.  If you’re not careful, you could end up with a site that’s sluggish and unstable. Slow websites alone are costing businesses $500 million per year. Just a single second delay can also reduce your conversion rates by […]

Kickstarter Funding: Everything You Need To Know To Fund Your Project

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Kickstarter Funding helps thousands of startups to well – start up. It also helps established brands to grow and expand. To date, there have been over 170,000 projects funded, totaling to $4.5 million from nearly 17 million backers.  Is getting Kickstarter funding pure luck? Or is there a science to it? We’ll let you decide. […]

5 Reputable Disposable Credit Card Number Services

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You’re a savvy shopper who’s well aware of the dangers lurking on the web, right? This is why you shop on secure sites (if it’s not https, it won’t earn your dollar!). You may even use payment platforms like PayPal and Google Pay to safeguard your bank account details. So why not take it a […]

5 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

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The idea of being able to work from anywhere you have internet access is appealing to millions of people. While the concept of making money online is nice, turning this into a reality can be challenging.  Most people grew up with parents working in office, trade, and service jobs that required them to be present […]

6 Health Tracker Smartphone Apps to Get Healthy

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Humans are unhealthy. We’re getting fatter, sicker, and lazier than ever. Sure, we can blame it on the accessibility to junk food, conveniences like two-day shipping, and sedentary lifestyles.  However, the reality is that it all comes down to you and your habits. No one forces you to buy from Amazon vs. walking around your […]

6 Apps Every Parent Should Know About

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As a parent, it’s your role to protect your children. After all, they haven’t been here all that long and don’t understand the potential threats this world presents.  So you bolt the doors, limit their junk food intake, and enforce a curfew. They’re safe and sound in their rooms, right? Wrong. If your children have […]

5 Best Platforms to Create Your Own Online Course

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Thinking about packaging your knowledge into an online course? Well, it’s an excellent time to do so. The worldwide e-learning market is set to reach an astonishing $325 billion by 2025.  In America, 77% of corporations use online learning. Not to mention the vast amount of citizens who take online courses in their free time.  […]