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Beijing, Egypt, Kenya, Hawaii — if you could travel the world, where would you choose to go? It’s a simple question, but difficult to answer, especially if you’ve never traveled abroad. 

Rather than relying on Google Maps street view and Instagram photos, you can use VR apps to travel the world. Here’s a look at some of the best options for VR apps for travel. 

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    7 Best VR Apps to Travel the World Using a Smartphone image

    Google CardboardThe Cheap VR App 

    The one thing that holds people back from the VR life is the expensive price tag associated with VR goggles. However, this doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the hype. 

    Who better to offer the cheaper option than Google? The company created a cardboard (yes, literally), that you can use to experience virtual reality. 

    Google Cardboard – The Cheap VR App  image

    You use this to insert your smartphone into and then you can view the world in first-person. The idea is to allow you to do this hands-free. 

    All you have to do is download the Google Cardboard VR app on your iOS or Android device. The price for the cardboard varies between $5 and $40. The app is available for free for iOS and Android smartphones. 

    AccorHotels for Cardboard – The Hotel Planner

    AccorHotels for Cardboard – The Hotel Planner image

    What’s great about Google Cardboard is that you can download all sorts of other VR apps with it. For example, AccorHotels was developed to enable travelers to see hotel rooms before they arrive. 

    You can use this to explore various resorts and hotels in London, Sao Paulo, and Paris. This free VR app is available for download for both iOS and Android. 

    Ascape VR – Your Virtual Escape

    Ascape VR – Your Virtual Escape image

    Maybe you’re someone who wants a little adventure in their life. If you’re looking for an extraordinary experience without leaving your couch, then try Ascape VR. 

    With this free iOS and Android VR app, you can swim with the sharks, dive from airplanes, and run with the gazelles through fields. It’s everything you’d expect from travel, which allows you to jump from place to place and save your trips along the way.

    YouVisit – For Future College Students

    YouVisit – For Future College Students image

    Most people travel for leisure, but what if you’re trying to make plans for the future? With YouVisit, you can take virtual tours of colleges and even business showrooms.

    The free iOS and Android app features hundreds of video content of college campuses across the nation, including Harvard. You’ll also find the interactive 360-degree panoramas helpful.

    VeeR – The Interactive Experiences App

    VeeR – The Interactive Experiences App image

    Here’s a unique VR app that offers a wide range of experiences — from trailing behind risk-loving line walkers to fantastical dreamscapes. It’s the ideal travel app if you want to explore the creative minds of storytellers. 

    You’ll find a range of 4K videos, photos, and interactive experiences. What sets this free iOS & Android VR app apart is that you can join in by creating your own content for others to enjoy. 

    Sites in VR – The World Traveler

    Sites in VR – The World Traveler image

    Ever wanted to travel to the world’s most famous monuments? You can do so using the free iOS and Android ‘Sites in VR’ app. Take yourself on a free trip to natural wonders, historical museums, and infamous landmarks — all without leaving your home. 

    You can choose from a mix of categories, such as castles, towers, museums, palaces, tombs, space, ancient, religious, nature, and parks. 

    Forget 180 days — you could literally travel the world in 180 minutes. 

    Qantas – For Trips to the Land Down Under

    Qantas – For Trips to the Land Down Under image

    Planning an international trip to Australia? Why not see what’s in store with the Qantas VR app? With this free app for iOS and Android, you can explore your destination ahead of your arrival. 

    This is all made possible with aerial footage from airplanes. You’ll get to see breath-taking scenes of wildlife and captivating shots of notorious natural rock formations.

    No More Excuses — It’s Time to Travel!

    You don’t need to pay for expensive flight tickets or hotels to see the world. Nor do you have to spend a lot of time planning and packing. 

    You have everything you need right in your back pocket (or purse). With these VR apps, your smartphone or tablet will grant you access to all sorts of places and experiences.