A Beginner’s Guide To Paint.NET & How Does It Differ From Photoshop?

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While Adobe Photoshop continues to be the gold standard for image creation and editing, it has two barriers of entry that make it an unappealing option for many users—cost and […]

What Is a Vector Image & How To Make & View One

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Ever zoomed in too far on a photo and seen it pixelate? Images created using a digital camera can only appear at certain resolutions. You can decrease their size, but […]

What Is Reddit Gold?

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Since it first launched back in 2005, the social sharing site Reddit has grown to become a must-view site for millions of users across the globe. It’s the focal point […]

OTT Explains: What Is Twitch Prime?

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You don’t need a million-dollar set up to build an audience for your game streams online. Thanks to services like YouTube and Twitch, you can play games and be paid […]

OTT Explains: What Is Google Meet & How To Use It

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Office workers, suffer no longer—you don’t need to spend hours of your time in a stuffy meeting room. With conference call services like Zoom and Skype easily available on mobile […]

7 Best Free Online Timers You Should Bookmark

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Time—it’s easily wasted in the pursuit of work or enjoyment. You can track your time with all kinds of applications, from Pomodoro timers to good, old-fashioned sand timers. You might […]

How to Play Windows 95 Games on Windows 10

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While the first Windows operating system was released in 1985, the first Windows release to really break into the mainstream was Windows 95. Many of the Windows features you might […]

6 Tips & Tricks To Get More Out Of The Calibre eBook Reader

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If you’re a fan of eBooks, you’ve probably already heard of Calibre, the open-source, cross-platform eBook management tool that turns your PC into a virtual library. You can use  to […]

The Kindle Desktop App: Is It Any Good?

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The Amazon Kindle kickstarted the eBook revolution, putting millions of books within reach on a single, handheld device. While Amazon Kindle still offers the best experience for eBook reading, you’re […]

How To Drop a Pin in Google Maps on Desktop and Mobile

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Google Maps has long usurped sat nav providers to become one of the best map apps and journey planners for mobile and desktop devices, rivalling Apple Maps and Bing Maps […]