Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the smartest one of all? Most smart mirrors today are designed for you to watch your form and improve the efficiency of your workouts. But smart mirrors can help you get ready in the morning, tell you what to expect with the weather, and more.

This list of smart mirrors will help you pick out the best one for your lifestyle between full-sized bathroom mirrors and tabletop mirrors. 

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    The Best Smart Mirrors

    These smart mirrors will give you a leg up on your mornings by playing your favorite music, keeping you updated on the weather, and even reading you the news. 

    Gesipor Bathroom Mirror

    The Gesipor Smart Bathroom Mirror has LED backlights that swap between warm lights and daylight, as well as a brightness dimmer. You can adjust the dimmer to achieve exactly the level of brightness you want. After all, when you’re getting ready in the morning, you need just the right amount of light.

    The Gesipor also has built-in surround sound through a built-in Bluetooth speaker. You can sync your phone to the mirror and play your favorite tunes while you’re getting dressed, or listen to the morning news before you start your day. 

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    The mirror works fine in the bathroom, too. A unique anti-fog function means the mirror will remain clear no matter how muggy the bathroom might be. Feel free to shower without worry about damaging the mirror. 

    At 36 inches by 24 inches, the Gesipor is a full-sized mirror that is best suited for a wall. It has a lot of functionality, but the setback is the price tag. It’ll set you back $370, but it will definitely be a conversation piece. 

    iHome Vanity Mirror

    If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly smart mirror, then the iHome Vanity Mirror is an excellent choice. This mirror is only $85, but boasts just as many features as more expensive models. Another benefit of the iHome Vanity Mirror is its small size; you can take it with you on vacation if you can’t be away from your smart mirror.

    You can sync your phone to the mirror to enjoy your favorite music and even make phone calls. A built-in speaker around the base of the mirror provides high-quality sound, while the microphone will clearly pick up your voice. You can even plug your phone into the mirror to charge it. 

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    The iHome Vanity Mirror provides access to Siri, so you can ask for anything you need without fidgeting with your phone. You can also adjust the brightness of the mirror’s LEDs from high to low. Unwinding at the end of the day? Use low light so you don’t blind yourself. 

    While there’s a place for full-sized mirrors, smaller options like the iHome Vanity Mirror fill a gap without breaking the budget. 

    Byecold Wall Mirror

    The Byecold Wall Mirror starts at just $250 for a 31.5-inch by 23.5-inch mirror, but there are higher size options for more. The largest size available is 47.2-inches by 23.6-inches for $360. The backlit LED provides ambience and plenty of all-around light to see by without overwhelming the user.

    The Byecold Wall Mirror connects through a 2.4 GHz network and provides access to a lot of useful information at a glance. The weather forecast is provided through the WiFi Clock app. It shows real-time weather information at a glance, such as temperature, humidity, and more.

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    Like other wall mirrors, the Byecold has a built-in anti-fog feature. You can activate it with the press of a button and have a fog-free mirror within a few seconds. There is a single button that activates the three major functions of the mirror. 

    The LED light can switch between 3000K warm light and 6000K bright light. One is ideal for ambient light in the evenings, while the brighter option is perfect for shaving or putting on makeup before leaving for work in the morning. 

    Unfortunately, the Byecold doesn’t play music–but you could set your phone beside the mirror to simulate the same effect. 

    ReignCharm Vanity Mirror

    The ReignCharm Vanity Mirror strikes a balance between functionality and style. You’ll feel like a Hollywood star getting ready to go on-set thanks to the studded lights around the exterior of the mirror.

    The twelve lights can be dimmed to various levels to give you exactly the right amount of light. The mirror has dual USB outlets and dual power outlets to provide you with plenty of charging capacity. You can plug in a razor, a hair dryer, and your phone all at the same time. 

    The mirror itself is 29-inches by 22-inches. Dual Bluetooth speakers let you sync your phone to the mirror and listen to the news, play your favorite music, and more. You can control the volume either through your phone or through the mirror’s touch screen. 

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    A small display in the center of the mirror provides on-screen buttons and relevant information, such as the temperature, time, and more. The downside to the ReignCharm is its $350 price point. It will set you back quite a bit, but it’ll look good doing it. 

    These four smart mirrors represent some of the best options on the market. There is not yet a lot of mainstream interest in the smart mirror market outside of fitness-focused devices, but if you’re looking for a smart device for your bathroom, these companies are great places to look. 

    A smart mirror can tell you a lot about the day ahead, including what kind of weather to expect. The industry could benefit most from a major company (like Amazon or Google) taking an interest in producing their own smart mirror, but until then syncing your phone and jamming out with one of these mirrors is your best option. 

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